Monday, August 29

The Joy of Sing-Sing

Emma comes back!

Joining forces with singer Lisa O'Neill, Sing-Sing releases its 12 track debut album in 2001. Definitely aimed as being a group to stand on it's own merits, the songs penned by Emma are catchy, upbeat, a bit dreampop and an bit retro 60's in style.

"Feels Like Summer" is by far my favorite pick to obsessively hit the repeat button on over and over. But please, play responsibly and listen to all the tracks ;)

The Joy of Sing-Sing
released: August 29, 2001
Sing-Sing are: Emma Anderson and Lisa O'Neill
on: Manifesto Records

1 Everything Listen
2 Tegan Listen
3 I'll Be Listen
4 Me and My Friend Listen
5 Far Away from Love Listen
6 Panda Eyes Listen
7 Command Listen
8 Feels Like Summer Listen
9 Émigré Listen
10 You Don't Know Listen
11 Underage Listen
12 I Can See You Listen

The song links directly to, where you can purchase the album or individual tracks.