Saturday, November 28

Wednesday, November 18

LUSH Announce New Show :: Manchester, April 30th

Lush have just announced another show! They will be playing at Manchester Academy on Sat 30th April 2016. You can purchase your tickets after 10am this Friday when they go on sale here: Manchester Academy.

Wednesday, November 11

Tuesday, November 10

It's New York :: First US Date Announced!

They're coming to America!

"We're delighted to announce we'll be performing at New York's Terminal5  on 14th September, 2016.  Tickets go on sale Friday 13th November at 12pm EST.  Tickets links to follow."

And here it is:

As stated by the band, there will be more US dates to come.

"Just as a footnote to the earlier post, more North American shows are currently being planned which we hope to unveil in the not too distant future."

Sunday, November 8

LUSH Photo of the Day

Shared through the band's official streams earlier today: Chris during a publicity shoot for 'Split', from the same series of shots we've seen earlier with Emma and Miki. This is also the same set we see featured in the 'Desire Lines' video.


Another publicity photo of LUSH with other bands. This is from the 1991 tour with RIDE.

LUSH + My Bloody Valentine

LUSH + My Bloody Valentine, from March 1992 'Alternative Press'.

Saturday, November 7

First Look :: Double Red Vinyl 'Ciao!'

First look of that nice red vinyl ...


Ciao! Best Of Lush - CAD 2K22

The first time vinyl pressing of the band’s Best Of, Ciao! is being released on 27th November as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.This first run will be limited, on double red vinyl, and will be available from your local record store. 

A1. Ladykillers

A2. Single Girl

A3. Ciao!

A4. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)

A5. Light From A Dead Star

B1. Love At First Sight

B2. Hypocrite

B3. Desire Lines

B4. Lovelife

C1. When I Die

C2. Nothing Natural

C3. Untogether

C4. For Love

D1. Monochrome

D2. De-Luxe

D3. Sweetness and Light

D4. Thoughtforms

D5. Etheriel

Thursday, November 5

'Girl In A Band' Interview Featuring Miki

Video is up for Miki's recent interview from the BBC documentary 'Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line', presented by Kate Mossman.

New 'Chorus' Comp is Now Available!

The new 'Chorus' compilation is up live and ready for preorders at the LUSH merch shop!

From LUSH:
"Here it is finally - the Lush box set 'Chorus' (out 4th December)!  We tried to fit as much on as we could but, having been blindingly prolific, we were unable to fit on every radio session, live track etc. so have cherry picked songs that we thought were the very best.  So, no 'He's a Bastard', I'm afraid. Enjoy!"

Coinciding with the news that the remaining members are to reunite in 2016, the complete Lush anthology fans have long been asking for is finally here. Spread over five CDs and housed in a beautiful hardbound book (designed by long-time associate Chris Bigg), Chorus consists of all three studio albums, both singles compilations and a wealth of previously unreleased radio sessions, demos, remixes and rarities.
Release date: 4th December 2015
US release date: 22nd January 2016

LUSH Photo of the Day

This has always been one of my favorite publicity shots of the band. Great that now we have the whole set!

Looking For Set Lists!

The Lush Appreciation Society on Facebook, looking for set lists, and they need your help!

"We are looking for hand-written Lush concert set lists for submission for a project we are currently working on.

"Please send us a private message with your photos or scans (preferred) and with details of the show concerned (date, venue, country, etc).

"Signed or unsigned set lists are welcome.

"Please share this post with friends you know who may also have hand-written set lists from the band."

Many thanks for your help! Remember, submit lists at


The photo below is a set list taken from the band's performance at Luxor in Cologne, Germany on April 2nd 1990 where the band played with 4AD label-mates The Pale Saints and is taken from the fantastic, conprehensive Lush  fan site

Tuesday, November 3

Watch Miki :: 'Girl In A Band'

In case you missed Miki's interview last Friday night on BBC4's documentary 'Girl In A Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line' 0r914&sns=fb&app=deskto https://

Monday, November 2

Vintage LUSH T-Shirt

vintage LUSH T-shirt from the "Split' era is up for sale on eBay. 
The asking price - $220... Just. Wow. 
I have to admit that I'm digging this design though.

LUSH Photo of the Day

Emma for a 'Split' photo session, 1994. Follow the band's official Instagram.