Wednesday, August 31 presents Lush at the Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA :: August 31, 1996

Fifteen years ago Lush performed at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA on their fianl American tour.

Today presents a recording of that appearance made on August 31, 1996 to mark the 15th anniversary of this amazing show (that's veru own Eric was at).

Enjoy this gem!!

Monday, August 29

Unreleased Recordings Coming to Lush Live

Seen over on the Lush and Miki Berenyi page on Facebook...

"As you may know, this year is the 15th anniversary of Lush's final tour (can you believe it's been that long already?). It was the first and only time I had the honor of seeing them. I'm going to unleash two audio gems from that tour within a month's time. I surfaced these shows many years ago and to this day only myself and perhaps 4 or 5 other people have them. Soon you can all enjoy them! Stay tuned..."

We can look forward to seeing these two unreleased recordings being made available on Eric's

Thursday, August 18

Lush Return to September Sound

What were Lush up to, say... twenty years ago today?

It's August 1991. The band is enjoying a break after touring overseas in the US with Ride and the two European festival gigs. It is well time to now return to the September Sound recording studio and begin laying down some fresh tracks. A new release is needed to support their growing popularity. And so, with the returning talents of producer/engineer Robin Guthrie and engineer Mitsuo Tate, Miki, Emma, Chris and Steve make it happen...

Lush's new song material for the upcoming EP are to be Nothing Natural, God’s Gift, Monochrome, and a cover of the Dennis Wilson song Fallin’ In Love, with a targeted release date for October.

And now, a bit of trivia...
  • September Sound Studios is located in Twickenham, England
  • It is most popularly associated with Robin Guthrie's band, the Cocteau Twins, set up for the purpose to record their own albums
  • It has since been closed down
  • The studio was formerly Pete Townsend's Eel Pie
  • And finally, as a rare bonus for you, the reader, I've included this link leading directly to the actual September Sounds loo! - The Seat (as seen on

Excerpt of Nothing Natural
by Emma Anderson

Before I met you I was blind

Pills and liquid filled my mind
Beneath your outline I was new
Overflowing with your tune

And don't you know you're beautiful...

Sweetness & Light' / Live At The Dome :: May 1991

There's something new to be seen on YouTube, thanks to JulosiMac who shared this video over at PVSG @

Finally we have the entire, full performance of 'Sweetness & Light' from Live At The Dome, May 1991 (the original broadcast came in 3/4 of the way through their song).

I'm just a bit shy of passing this along in time for a May anniversary date, but I'm sure you won't mind terribly ;)