Thursday, September 7

"Complete Lush" Video - September 1996

Today would be Chris's 40th birthday.

Let's remember back ten years ago... Thanks to a certan bootleg, we can do just that.

The "Complete Lush" video is an unofficial recording shot at San Francisco, California, September 7, 1996 (Chris's 30th birthday).

The video is shot from the audience, using a tripod held recorder. There is no editing, and is shot straight through as it happened from start to finish. The highlight from this is the surprise appearence by Elvis and a female Elvis counterpart in honor of Chris's birthday, complete with a rendition of "Viva Las Vegas." Chris good-naturedly accepts the unexpected limelight. Miki makes a few remarks to the crowd: Chris "can do whatever he likes, it's his ***ing birthday!" and when spectators begin crowd surfing/stage diving.

After the show we get a brief glimpse of the band, mainly Miki, being escorted under the cover of darkness to a waiting car.

The remainder of this video consists of a sampling (but not all) of Lush's music videos and a couple interviews taped from various MTV broadcasts (120 Minutes, Alternative Nation, etc.).

Video quality is as to be expected. As far as I know this was only made available in VHS format when I got my copy a year or so ago.

"Complete Lush" - September 1996
1 Heavenly Nobodies
2 The Child Catcher
3 Lit-Up
4 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
5 Single Girl
6 Downer
7 Kiss Chase
8 De-Luxe
9 Light from a Dead Star
10 Last Night
11 Hypocrite
12 Runaway
13 For Love
14 Ladykillers
15 (Elvis sings Happy Birthday)
16 Ciao
17 Sweetness and Light

1 Interview Lollapalooza
2 De-Luxe (first version)
3 De-Luxe (second version)
4 For Love
5 Nothing Natural
6 Superblast!
7 Hypocrite
8 Ladykillers
9 Interview MTV/120 Minutes (Miki and Emma)
10 Ladykillers (live)
11 Sweetness and Light (live)