Monday, March 14

The Early Lush Demos :: 1988, '89

Pretend that you just happened to lay your hands on a copy of the original demo tapes from Lush. Actually you don't have to, because it's provided to you right here and now, free for the taking. You can d/l all of the demo tracks (found on another blog) here: The Early Lush Demos :: 1998, '99 - The dates as listed on the bootleg for the demos obviously are incorrect. This should be dated '1988,'89'.

Note! This bootleg includes a track attributed simply as "Emma Vocals" (demo II). Emma emphatically refutes that the vocals are her's in a comment made on the YouTube video, and states that this is not a Lush song. Listen to the track yourself, "Emma Vocals" sounds oddly out of place compared to the other tracks. I don't believe this is a demo by Lush at all.

Album: Early Demos
Release: Unreleased
Label: N/A

Demo I
(recorded between March-October 1988 w/ Meriel Barham, Emma, Miki, Steve and Chris)

1. Grotesque (band's title is "Female Hybrid" see the March 1 post )
2. Truth Or Fiction
3. Skin
4. Sunbathing

After they cut the above four-song demo, Meriel left the band to join the Pale Saints.

Demo II
(first two tracks likely recorded in early 1989, w/ Miki, Emma, Steve and Chris)

1. Etheriel
2. Second Site (Second Sight)
[3. Emma Vocals] (according to Emma herself, this is NOT Emma singing and should not be considered as a recording made by Lush!)

Lush sent this second demo tape off to 4AD, One Little Indian, Rough Trade and Mute, before heading off on a mini-tour with House Of Love in May 1989.


  1. Frankly I'm disappointed but I can't help thinking that Emmas has just forgotten she sang it. I don't agree her singing is that out of place (remember it's a really old demo) and it sounds as every bit of an early Lush song if you ask me. But I may be wrong of course.

  2. It has been a while after all, which makes reconstructing history all the more difficult. I have to admit I was disappointed too, to find that it wasn't Emma singing.

    Can't be disappointed about the other demo tracks that have survived though!

  3. Hi - I can absolutley 100% guarantee that the Emma Vocals track is NOT Emma singing and it is not a Lush song. Cheers, Miki

  4. Can't get any more authorative on the subject than that... Thanks Miki!

  5. Can anyone repost the demos? I have some copies, but the quality is somewhat poor.

  6. yeah, John me too, I ask you if anyone can reupload it. looking fwd to hearing it soon .
    If someone would exchange I own the words and music tape...

  7. Would love to hear these, listening to the box set now. So glad I got to see them play Boston on the reunion tour.