Thursday, March 10

Emma and Miki on 'Formative 5' Update

Reposting this newsworthy bit from Brian over on Purpleveinsscenicgreens group:

Just a quick update... for those interested Miki and Emma are
recording their "Formative 5" segment for The Golden Age of Piracy on
RRR 102.7FM (Melbourne) tonight (10 March). It should go to air in a
couple of weeks time. I'll post the air-date as soon as its
confirmed. Miki and Emma will be speaking about 5 songs they loved
which helped inspire and/or shape the sound of Lush. Or even just
songs they were listening to at that time. Should be an interesting

You'll be able to stream the segment via their website (see below).

The show goes to air on Wednesdays 10PM-12AM here in Australia so
visit the World Clock Meeting Planner to find out what time that is
in your neck of the wood, if you want to tune in from somewhere else
in the world



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