Monday, February 29

Lush :: The Junction, Cambridge :: June 25, 1990

Happy Leap Day, friends! While we all look forward to the fast approaching new tour, let's enjoy some rare footage and "leap back" (oooph!) to a time when Lush were still in their beginning - live at The Junction, Cambridge, 25th June, 1990.

Ps. It's the full gig too :)

  1. Second Sight
  2. Thoughtforms
  3. Bitter
  4. Downer
  5. Breeze
  6. Leaves Me Cold
  7. Etheriel
  8. Baby Talk
  9. Scarlet
  10. Sweetness and Light
  11. Covert
  12. De-Luxe

Thursday, February 25

Lush :: New Haven :: March 23,1992 [full show]

19 years ago today...
Lush playing live in New Haven, CT at Toad's Place on March 23, 1992.

Signed Merchandise @ Lush Merch Store

The very limited signed release is available again - but hurry! They'll all be gone soon!

Tuesday, February 23

"Out Of Control" Review :: DOA

Another fitting review of Lush's newest, this time from Delusions Of Adequacy, written by Jen D. over at Yahoo groups' Stratosphere Fanzine:

Lush - "Out Of Control" - DOA
Exceptional shoegazer outfit Lush returns after 20 years with a dreamy extract from an upcoming studio comeback EP.|by Jen Dan

Monday, February 22

Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze

In case you've missed it, there's another big release waiting for you to get your paws on...
Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze.

Shoegaze was a term invented circa 1990 to describe a new breed on UK Indie guitar bands inspired by the likes of 4AD Records, My Bloody Valentine and US acts like Sonic Youth. Bands like Ride, Moose, Lush, Pale Saints and The Telescopes married dreamy, off-kilter melodies, skewed, heavily effects-laden guitar riffs and psychedelic production values. Although shoegaze was initially a somewhat derogatory term to pigeonhole a clutch of new acts, the term quickly evolved to become an accepted genre of music which has influenced successive generations of bands, especially those outside of the UK. Housed in a lavish 'book' set, Still In A Dream pays tribute to that seminal period with numerous classics, cult favorites, rarities and tracks new to CD. Across five discs, the evolution of the sound labelled as shoegaze is charted from the bands who inspired it on Disc 1 to many of the US and other non-UK acts on Disc 5. Awash with rare memorabilia, 12,000 words of sleeve-notes from journalist Neil Taylor and band biographies, Still In A Dream is the ultimate tribute to what was also called The Scene That Celebrated Itself'!


Disc: 1
1. Roller Coaster - the Jesus and Mary Chain

2. Cherry-Coloured Funk - Cocteau Twins

3. Christine - House of Love

4. Baby Milk Snatcher - A.R. Kane

5. Mercy Seat (12" Version) - Ultra Vivid Scene

6. Hypnotized - Spacemen 3

7. Arc-Lite (Sonar) - Loop

8. Surfacer - 14 Iced Bears

9. Tugboat - Galaxie 500

10. Puppet Clouds - the Prayers

11. The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule - Kitchens of Distinction

12. Girls Have Gone Missing - A.C. Marias

13. Precious Little - the Telescopes

14. Sight of You - Pale Saints

15. Ocean Run Dry - Jane from Occupied Europe

16. Angel - Sonic Boom

Disc: 2
1. Drive Blind - Ride

2. De-Luxe - Lush

3. Slip So Slow - See See Rider

4. Crystal Eyes - Nightblooms

5. Waiting for the Angels - the Darkside

6. I Don't Care If You Go - Velocity Girl

7. Inescapable - Cranes

8. Falling Down - Chapterhouse

9. Switchblade Smile - Whipping Boy

10. Kaleidoscope - the Boo Radleys

11. Rave Down - Swervedriver

12. Slowdive - Slowdive

13. Liar -The Charlottes

14. Sugarblast - Dr.- Dr. Phibes & the House of Wax Equations

15. Decadence - Bleach

16. She's My Friend (Wilde Club Version) - Catherine Wheel

17. Somersault Sunrise - Blow Up

18. All Different Things - Bark Psychosis

Disc: 3
1. Ten Little GRLS - Curve

2. Godlike - the Dylans

3. Gorgeous Blue Flower in My Garden - TH' Faith Healers

4. February Fourteenth - the Lilys

5. Good Afternoon -The Honey Smugglers

6. Chlorine Dream -Spirea X

7. Gravity - Moonshake

8. Translucent - Spitfire

9. Suzanne - Moose

10. Run - Spiritualized

11. Heaven Sent An Angel - Revolver

12. June Wilson - Lowlife

13. Square Wave - the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

14. By Tomorrow - Black Tambourine

15. Explosion - Whipped Cream

16. My Deranged Heart - Smashing Orange

17. Gong - the Hinnies

18. Greek Love (Original 12") -Bang Bang Machine

Disc: 4
1. Closer - the Sunflowers

2. Mirrored - Drop

3. In Hollow (LP Version) - the Belltower

4. Phonefreak Honey - Sweet Jesus

5. Sunshine Smile - Adorable

6. I Don't Mind - Sun Dial

7. Sugar Your Mind - Swallow

8. Winona - Drop Nineteens

9. Talkin' 'Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues - Flaming Lips

10. Aruca - Medicine

11. Charming Sister Kiss Me Dead - Coaltar of the Deepers

12. Starhappy - the Honey Buzzards

13. Babysbreath - Lovesliescrushing

14. No.1 Fan - Majesty Crush

15. The Car By the Side of the Road - the Swirlies

16. Chemical Tester - Submarine

17. Shine - Bailterspace

18. True Love Will Find You in the End - Spectrum

19. Spooky Vibes - Blind Mr. Jones

Disc: 5
1. Memory - An April March

2. Soaring High - Flying Saucer Attack

3. Alive - Drugstore

4. Loveblind - Secret Shine

5. Bronx Cheer - Mercury Rev

6. Chelsea - the Curtain Society

7. Plainsong - Seefeel

8. Surround Sound - Spindrift

9. Miss Leader - Rollerskate Skinny

10. Die Easy - Bardo Pond

11. Dozen - Alison's Halo

12. The Last Unicorn - Swirl

13. Next to Nothing - Bowery Electric

14. Me Voy - Bethany Curve

15. Orange Creamsicle - Astrobrite

16. 23 Minutes in Brussels - Luna

Sunday, February 21

'Out Of Control' Sleeves Revealed

If you're wondering what the 'Out Of Control' Vinyl and CD looks like, here they are - both designed by Chris Bigg. To pre-order, please head over to Lush's webstore here:

Saturday, February 20

Miki and Phil on Recording 'Blind Spot'

This from Lush's own site:

Lush have announced details of the release of the Blind Spot EP on Friday 15th April 2016 on their own Edamame Records.

Talking about the recording of the EP, Miki Berenyi commented:


"It certainly took sometime to come together, but once we were in the studio, everything came together incredibly quickly. It was great fun!
It's been a long time since I've written Lush lyrics, and I realised early on with this EP that what I wrote about then is not what I feel comfortable writing about now. My perspective, and what is close to my heart, has changed, and I think that's conveyed in the songs."

Bassist Phil King added:

"I know I’m biased, but I work for a music magazine and so much of the music I hear played in the office sounds non-descript or derivative. Emma has this way of writing unusual chord changes and manages to weave lovely melodies over the top, and it immediately sounds distinctive, like Lush."

Friday, February 19

Out of Control

Don't cry darling,
Let's try to make up
Please don't push me, 
I'm over the top

Drown my sorrows 
I just want to stop
I'll say sorry 
If you let it drop

Can't understand 
Why you won't take my hand
Out of control and you hurt me so much

Feeling I'm falling
The hope and the longing
Out of control, but I love you so much

Don't say sorry,
That's not what you mean
I can't help you 
If that's how you feel

I see the storm gathering 'round
Dark clouds that block out the light

Cries in the wind
The nightfall begins 
Out of control just you hurt me so much

Tears in the rain
A storm full of pain
Out of control and I love you so much 

Your words are still stinging
My eardrums are ringing
All that I want is the joy of your touch

The quaking of hearts 
As our words fall apart
Out of control but I love you so much

(Musical Interlude)

Hold me darling 
I don't want to fight
Too far, too close 
I can't get it right

I'm not asking to make it end now 
Change has already begun

I'm feeling I'm falling 
The future is calling
Out of control 'cause you're in such a rush

The sinner, the saint
It's all been an adventure
Out of control and I love you so much

Seasons are changing
Our love's rearranging
All that I want is the joy of your touch

Twisted together
My love is forever
Out of control and I love you so much.


'Out of Control'
All Music/Lyrics copyright Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi
Recorded by Lush in Summer 2015
Video starring Hannah Westall and Alexander Salem

Unofficially transcribed by LUSHapalooza (with apologies for all mistakes)

LUSH's New 'Out Of Control' Makes Its Debut!!

So much news for today, but first things first. The new single 'Out of Control' has gone public and its accompanying video is live on YouTube on Lush's new channel. It's yet unlisted so follow the above link.

Recorded last summer, the song is a long time coming, being 20 years since the last release 'Shake Baby, Shake'. And it's a straight up love song, a new direction for their music, reflecting developments in the members own personal lives. This song has been on autoplay to feed my binge listening over the past few hours since I first listened. The song and 3 more from the upcoming 'Blind Spot' EP will see its official release on April 15th.

The chills, the hair standing on end, the feeling I haven't experienced in 20 years - listening to a brand new release by Lush. I love this brand new song! Emma, Phil and Miki haven't missed a beat with the passing of time. Not one bit.

Brand new music by LUSH debuted today, people. Let that sink in.

Saturday, February 13

Tweet Teases

A couple of shots came across the band's Twitters feed today, a little reminder that tour preparations are well underway!

Tuesday, February 2

Just Dropped! LUSH's First Newly Recorded EP in 20 Years - 'Blind Spot'

We kind of already knew this was coming. Look at what has just appeared all over the web...


Lush return with their first new set of songs since 1996! The band's four song EP, Blind Spot, features the lead track "Out Of Control" which has been described as "Lush on form and sounding like 20 years haven't passed." The EP was recorded last summer with producers Daniel Hunt (Ladytron) and Jim Abbiss. So far Blind Spot doesn't have an official North American release but it'll drop in the U.K. on April 15th. This year's Record Store Day takes place worldwide on April 16th, so it's quite likely Lush will be releasing a special edition of the EP (or perhaps a limited edition single) for RSD. View the tracklisting for Blind Spot below and pre-order the import (available on 10" or CD) here, here, or here.

Blind Spot EP tracklisting

1. Out Of Control

2. Lost Boy

3. Burnham Beeches

4. Rosebud

Curiously, there has been no official word from the band yet about the new recordings, much less the release of the new EP. Despite this, I myself wasted no time in preordering my own copy from Amazon UK. It's been 20 years since we've had anything new after all!

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