Monday, March 28

'Thoughtforms' :: New Lush Fan Magazine

Exciting news! 'Thoughtforms' the new officially Lush approved fanzine will be available to pre-order tomorrow evening from 6pm. Full details and pre-order link tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 23

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Lush's box set 'Chorus' arrived at my door today, I've had this preordered since January before it's expected release in the States. Just stunning. It's a thing of beauty.

Tuesday, March 22

LUSH :: Providence, RI :: March 22, 1992

22 years ago today... Lush plays Providence, RI on March 22nd, 1992. Enjoy the full show :)

Monday, March 21

Stream and Listen to Miki on Radcliffe and Maconie

And here she is:
The interview is 1:30 hours into the show. And of course Miki is brilliant as always! This broadcast will be available for your streaming pleasure for the next 29 days.

Miki from Lush

Radcliffe and Maconie Listen in pop-out player 
Berenyi from 90s shoegaze pioneers band, Lush.
Formed in London in 1988 by childhood friends Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, Lush also included Chris Acland on drums and Phil King on bass (originally Steve Rippon, who left in 1990). Signed to 4AD in 1989, over the course of 3 full-length albums, an early mini-album and a number of EPs and singles, they went on to sharpen their pop sound, outliving and outgrowing the 'scene' with which they were initially associated. Miki's here to chat about their new EP, which was produced by Jim Abbiss (Adele, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys) & Daniel Hunt (Ladytron) at Abbiss' own Lime Green Monkeys studio.

Photo fresh from RadcliffeMaconieShow ‏@BBCRadMac

Emma Interviews Moose

And now for something completely different...

Aired 11th March 1991 for Snub TV. (You remember Snub TV right? I do!) Lush's very own esteemed Emma Anderson interviews Moose on their debut EP.

Miki on BBC's Radcliffe and Maconie - Listen!

The latest word from Lush: 
"Quick heads up - Miki is going to be on on the Radcliffe and Maconie show on BBC Radio 6Music show in about 15 minutes talking about the reunion, new EP, upcoming shows and much more besides. Turn on those digital radios.....(and you can listen on catch-up later on if you miss it)...."

Sunday, March 20

Rick McGinnis - Some Old Pictures I Took

Toronto-based photographer Rick McGinnis has been shooting professionally for almost thirty years. Recently he's shared three unseen images he took of Lush when they were on tour back in 1991 and 1992. Please visit his blog for more:

Some old pictures I took: Shoegaze: Lush, Toronto, Feb. 20, 1992 LUSH ARE TOURING AGAIN ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AFTER THEY BROKE UP.  This comes after the reunions of at leas...

Lush :: Providence, RI :: March 20, 1991

Happy Spring people! 25 years ago on this very day, a legendary shoegaze band known as Lush came to Providence and they nailed it... enjoy the full show!

Lush - Providence, RI 03/20/1991 [full show]

Friday, March 18

Happy Birthday Miki!

Its March 18th. Do you know what that means?
Time to send Very Happy Birthday Wishes to you Miki!!

Thursday, March 10

In A 'Hypocrite' Funhouse Mirror

Not all was work and no play during the video shoot for their 'Hypocrite" video. After ll, what would you do if you had rented out an entire carnival? The band pauses for a reflective moment in a funhouse mirror.

Lush's 'Split' Cab

Lush, the first band to official sponsor a London cab, decked-out quite fetchingly for their 'Split' LP, lemons and all.

Miki on Tour :: March 1996

Sunday, March 6

Lush for the People!

The band has been busy signing all those limited edition copies of their new 'Blind Spot' EP.

Friday, March 4

'Lovelife' :: March 4, 1996

Just twenty short years ago today ... March 4th, 1996, Lush's 'Lovelife' album was released.

Miki making musical bliss with her Epiphone on the 'Lovelife' tour in 1996.

Wednesday, March 2

New Vinyl Set 'Origami' Announced!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Today Lush are excited to announce yet more big news, a 5-vinyl boxed set of their major releases, entitled 'Origami' through the 4AD label. It's a work of beauty!

"We know quite a few of you have been asking us about this over the last few months and we have had to keep quiet (quite difficult!) but AT LAST we can reveal this exciting news; on Record Store Day (April 16th 2016), 4AD are releasing ‘Origami’ which is a boxset containing all our five albums on vinyl. Outer artwork is, again, by Chris Bigg and all the albums are on coloured vinyl. More information here: - "

Tuesday, March 1

'Select' :: May 1996

Twenty years ago - Emma and Miki, in the pages of Select magazine, published on the eve of their 1996 North American tour. 

"I do have a real problem writing songs about stuff that I'm right in the middle of actually... John used to get pissed off that I never wrote any songs about him, but I used to say, "Well you know all the songs I write about people are really horrible!'" -Miki

Want to read the entire article? Pop over here for the full electronic version -