Tuesday, September 27

Thank You...

Thank you Miki, Emma and Phil - you are genuinely decent people and I'm honored to have each of you check out Lushapalooza and for sending some very nice words about the blog back my way. Many thanks goes out to Bill of Light From a Dead Star for your very generous support as well.

Once again, thank you Phil, thank you Emma, and thank you Miki. You are always going to rock-on in the hearts of your followers!


"The Changing Face of Gallon Drunk" >:P

I enjoying reading all the various material that the band signed over the years (and wondering what references the gem may have been personalized after)!

Just a note - I have no connection to this auction at all and make no claims that you or any one else should rush to ebay.com and buy it... just sharing it here for the obvious reasons.

Vinyl 7-inch single, Fully hand signed by the entire band back in 1991 in Cardiff.

Offered as:
Buy It Now for GBP 55.00/US $85.51

Tea Time :: November 1990

It's Tea Time back in November of 1990, a very limited French publication featuring our fave band Lush in super-saturated tones on the cover!

This particular issue was being offered up for auction on ebay.com recently.

Summer of Lush

Another summer has wound down. With timely topics being a bit dry recently, now is a good time to share some excellent photography... which just so happens to tie-in with Lush's final American tour 15 years ago this summer.

The first example is a solo shot of a black-rooted, flamy red-haired Miki onstage! This nice catch was taken at Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut in August of 1996. Photographer John Anthony Wilcox, a Lush fan, witnessed the band live a number of times... lucky guy!

Miki Berenyi Of Lush - Wilcox660 on deviantART

Next in line is a fifteen photo set taken by Steve Latham during a June 6th 1996 performance. The shots feature the entire band, jamming it out at Waterplace Park, Providence, Rhode Island!

And after enjoying the rich imagery of Phil, Emma, Miki and Chris, do what I did and let Mr. Latham know what you think...

Steve Latham Photography:
Lush - Waterplace Park - 6-6-96

Sunday, September 18

Tokyo, Japan :: September 18, 1996

15 Years Ago Today...

September 18, 1996, Lush performs at the Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan. This was to be the final live performance... yet for fifteen years onward now the band still lives on in the hearts and minds of a strong following!

Up on YouTube, you can view the videotaped performance of Single Girl (Live) from this very gig (which so happened to be shared here in a earlier post).

Be sure to pour over ALL the Tokyo show's vivid imagery by photographer Takamori Fukuda/Brownhat over on Bill's paramount Lush site lightfromadeadstar.org.

And as if that's not enough (because it isn't really, now, is it?!) there's this gem just in from lushlive.com's Lush and Miki Berenyi Facebook page:

Now available - The LAST Lush show, performed 15 years ago today in Tokyo is available for free download! Don't forget to also get the artwork at the site www.lushlive.com in the audio section. Enjoy!! http://www.lushlive.com/audio/tokyo/09_18_96.zip

Wednesday, September 7

Chris Would Be 45 Today

If Chris were still with us, today would be his 45th birthday...

We miss your care-free attitude, your sense of humour, the fun times you shared with us, and your decency to your fellow human beings... Peace Chris.

Thursday, September 1

Debut of The Lillies :: The Spur :: September 1991

Twenty years ago...

In the September issue of the Tottenham Spurs fan magazine "The Spur" (Number 24) there's a special item attached - the Lilies flexi.

The Lilies are a one-time supergroup whose members include Miki and Chris, who just so happened to be rabid fans of the Spurs football team.

I've posted about the flexi before - if you'd like, you can view my original post right over here. But why redirect you when I can repost it the story in it's entirety below?

The Lillies
An indie rock band formed in 1991 as a one-time collaboration between members of the bands Cocteau Twins, Lush and Moose.

And here's what the the Lillies were about - a recording with the very memorable little title:

And David Seaman Won't Be Very Happy About That"

Although originally from the Lake District, Chris was a keen Tottenham Hotspurs football fan. Miki was a huge fan as well, and the Lillies' 3-1 trouncing of local rivals Arsenal in the 1991 FA Cup semi-finals was an occasioned to be celebrated. So how do musicians best express their praise of such a victory? They co-create a specially recorded track aptly and humorously entitled 'And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That', and have it pressed-up on a flexidisc to be glued to issue 24 of 'The Spur', a football fanzine. The sound bites used throughout the song deal with a goal Gary Lineker scored for the Spurs against Arsenal.

Joining forces with Kevin McKillop and Russell Yates of Moose and the Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins they became the Lillies - effectively a super-indie rock band. And Simon wrote the song. The lyrics? "Three-one, three-one, three-one!" Miki's sole lyrics, vocalized all the way through.

The track was recorded at the suggestion of The Spur’s editor Stuart Mutler. After rejecting suggestions that they should record a cover version of an old football song, such as "Nice One Cyril", they decided to come up with an original song.

Yates said of the track: “…we’ve all been Spurs fans for years, and for myself making this flexi has probably made me more proud than making any Moose record”

The Lillies
"And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That..."
Release : September, 1991
Flexidisc insert, The Spur #24