Tuesday, September 27

Summer of Lush

Another summer has wound down. With timely topics being a bit dry recently, now is a good time to share some excellent photography... which just so happens to tie-in with Lush's final American tour 15 years ago this summer.

The first example is a solo shot of a black-rooted, flamy red-haired Miki onstage! This nice catch was taken at Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut in August of 1996. Photographer John Anthony Wilcox, a Lush fan, witnessed the band live a number of times... lucky guy!

Miki Berenyi Of Lush - Wilcox660 on deviantART

Next in line is a fifteen photo set taken by Steve Latham during a June 6th 1996 performance. The shots feature the entire band, jamming it out at Waterplace Park, Providence, Rhode Island!

And after enjoying the rich imagery of Phil, Emma, Miki and Chris, do what I did and let Mr. Latham know what you think...

Steve Latham Photography:
Lush - Waterplace Park - 6-6-96

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