Tuesday, February 22

Lush: The Black Sessions

Lush: The Black Sessions @ captainsdead.com

The unofficial yet excellent recording of Lush playing live on French Radios’ Black Sessions. Recorded at Studio 105 in Maison de Radio, Paris on 28th June 1994. The last three tracks are bonus tracks later added to the original French release. There was also an introduction before the song tracks, but this has been omitted.

1 Blackout
2 Lit Up
3 For Love
4 The Childcatcher
5 Kiss Chase
6 Lovelife
7 Desire Lines
8 De•Luxe
9 Sweetness and Light
10 Hypocrite
11 Sunday Girl
12 Starlust
13 Babytalk
Total duration: 56:51

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