Tuesday, November 13

Miki on Lollapalooza '92

Miki's recollection of being the one dreampop band touring in America during Lollapalooza 1992, for Under The Radar...

"Lollapalooza was a genuine rollercoaster. I did find it difficult to accept the astonishingly macho attitudes–I remember [Red Hot Chili Peppers'] Anthony Kiedis (I think it was the first night of the tour!) inviting me to come along with the band to “The Ballet.” I didn’t realise he meant a strip club–I genuinely thought they were off to see Swan Lake! Thankfully, I was enlightened and I declined. ‘Why the hell would I want to go to a strip club?!’ I thought. And there was a lot of use and abuse of groupies. I guess everyone involved would say that the girls were willing participants, but a naïve ‘nobody’ is likely to overstep their normal boundaries of their behaviour if they think they will get attention from someone they idolise, and that can lead to rather sordid and upsetting situations ripe for exploitation. That said, there was a genuine sense of euphoria and enjoyment on the tour. Despite a tiny bit of factional bickering, everyone really seemed to muck in and get involved in making the whole experience a memorable and immensely enjoyable one–rather than, say, calling their business manager to see how much the tour had improved their album sales. As a result, no one was afforded star status–we were all in it together. It had the genuine feeling of a travelling circus. I absolutely bloody loved it!

"Of course, all my memories of Lush are shot through with some sadness as they remind me that Chris [Acland] is no longer here. We had a weird bar count in a couple of songs–the break in “Sweetness and Light” and the one in “Superblast!” – and it was my job to give Chris the nod when the drums had to kick in again. I’d turn away from the mic, look round at him, and he’d always pull some silly face or be laughing hysterically at something. It makes me feel bereft to think that those days–and that person–are gone."

Saturday, October 27

Lush | De Luxe v.2 - Full Video is Back!

Yay! The full video is back online at YouTube, no corporate red-tape involved :) An earlier video post had been disabled over copyright infringement concerns with the BMG record company. I don't want to infer that I condone pirated material, but no money was exchanged illegally through these postings. Maybe somebody realized that the posting of music videos on YouTube can only help all those concerned.

Wednesday, October 10

Miki's 'Under the Radar' Interview

Miki Berenyi / Under the Radar Interview
Miki Berenyi - Lush’s Former Singer Reminisces on Britpop Oct 01, 2007, Web Exclusive By Lorraine Carpenter

"We had a weird bar count in a couple of songs—the break in “Sweetness and Light” and the one in “Superblast!”—and it was my job to give Chris the nod when the drums had to kick in again. I’d turn away from the mic, look round at him, and he’d always pull some silly face or be laughing hysterically at something. It makes me feel bereft to think that those days—and that person—are gone."
"—in a funny way it reminded me of Emma’s songs. I know they’re completely different really, but there’s something in the weird harmonies and the slight jazziness—and [they’re] really bloody hard to sing!"
"I saw Sing-Sing a few times early on. To be honest, it was a little painful for me. I felt replaced!"
"...he’s been playing bass with The Jesus and Mary Chain! We went to see him a few weeks ago at the Brixton Academy. They were really excellent and I thought, “Oh look at Phil! He finally got his own mic!”"

Always got to love the unpretentiousness and honesty of Miki. There were too many good quotes from the interview... so run over there and have a read already.

Read it. Learn it. Believe it.

Friday, August 17

Miki's Mum

as Suki in 'The Protectors'

As many of you know, Miki's mum is of Japanese heritage. What some of you may not know is that she, like her fab daughter, was no slouch and no stranger to fame either.

Says Miki: "My mum, Yasuko Nagazumi, was an actress and had a very small role in You Only Live Twice (me too - she was 3 months pregnant). She was also in Space 1999, and The ProtectorsThe New Avengers. And a film called Wombling Free which I was very excited about at the time because I was about 9 and got to meet Bernard Cribbins."

Here's an expanded version of her bio from Wikipedia...

Yasuko Nagazumi (永積靖子 Nagazumi Yasuko, b 1943) is a producer and manager in Hollywood responsible for print advertising campaigns for clients such as Armani, Donna Karan, Guess?, Pirelli, Vogue Magazine and working with photographers Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and others.

as Yasko in 'Space 1999'

A former actress, Yasuki is best known for her roles in British television as a regular cast member of The Protectors (as Suki) and Space: 1999 (as Yasko), and appeared in other programs such as The New Avengers (ep. "The Trap"). She was also featured in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

See more at: Yasuko Nagazumi - IMDb

Wednesday, August 1

Anniversary - Version One

Depending upon which school you have joined up with (the 1987 vrs. the 1988 chronical of events) right about now would be the 20th anniversary of a date that carries some significance to the Friends of Lush.

Going by an interview/story written by Pat Gilberts for "Record Collector" magazine (sorry, no date) we have evidence for the year 1987 as being the date for the creation of Lush. I'll pick up the interview where the 'date of somewhat significance' appears:

... Miki was adding primitive guitar to rockabilly garage band the Bugs, and even accompanied them on a European tour to promote their August 1987 album, 'Darkside' (which she didn't actually play on). Around this time, Miki and Emma began hatching a plan for their own band, initially called the Baby Machines. Recruiting two of Miki's classmates, singer Meriel Barham and Kendal-born drummer Chris Acland (then Miki's paramour), they began rehearsing in Miki's bedroom. After a few weeks, they realised they needed a proper bassist, and approached another student, Steve Rippon, who was five years older than the others and originally from Bracknell. 'I was in their class as well,' recalls Steve, phoning from Ireland. 'I was sitting in the college canteen one day, and they sidled up to me, really embarrassed. They said can you play bass? I said, no. They said, great, can you learn in six weeks?

'I went down to an audition at this place behind the Holloway Road,' he continues. 'They were possibly the worst group I'd ever seen in my life. It was an absolute cacophony. The songs were really simple and had titles like 'Female Hybrid', 'See-Saw' and 'He's A Bastard'. I thought, yeah, I can play bass to this.'

The urgency to recruit Steve was because of an impending gig at the Camden Falcon on 6th March 1988, supporting the Rosehips. In the event, the night passed as smoothly as could be expected, and the band branched out to play other venues on the London toilet circuit. They even supported Ted Harris from 'Playschool' at Ealing College. After they cut a four-song demo, internal tensions bubbled over and Meriel was given the push. 'She just wasn't interested,' sneers Emma. 'We'd organise all these gigs and she couldn't play them because her boyfriend was going away the next day or whatever. He came first. But she also felt uncomfortable playing guitar.' Meriel went on to join fellow 4AD shoe-gazers, the Pale Saints.

You know the rest of it. Miki took over the lead vocals position vacated by Meriel when no replacement could be found. And the rest is music history.

You can read the entire article reproduced here: http://www.curve.demon.co.uk/lush/press/p_art3.html

Monday, July 16

Sunday, June 10

Emma Has a Birthday!

Today Emma has a Birthday!

It's her 40th!

I'd like to wish you a very
Happy Birthday Emma,
and Many More!

Sunday, March 18

Miki Turns 40 Today!

Happy Birthday Miki -
May it be Your Best One Ever!

Thursday, March 8

Flat7, Mitsuo Tate, Robin Guthrie & Miki too

flat7 is the recording artist name for Mitsuo Tate, formerly guitarist for the Cocteau Twins. His name might also be familiar to those who read the production notes inside Lush releases. Matsuo Tate was also the assistant engineer on Lush's Spooky lp. Lost in Blue is flat7's latest release, issued in 2005. Included among the tracks for Lost in Blue are two versions of a song...

it's titled "Smile"

flat7 - smile robin guthrie remix .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Out of everything to come out since the breakup of Lush, the song "Smile" perhaps comes the closest to recapturing the sound and the feeling that was uniquely their's. "Smile" is sweet and heart-rending all at the same time. The song's lyrics were penned by Miki as well as beautifully sung by her, with the instrumentation performed by Tate. The alternate version on the same album is a remix by none other than Robin Guthrie, Lush's producer and engineer from Mad Love to Spooky. Robin also adds his guitar and drums to the song, so we actually have a mini-Lush reunion happening with Smile.

And yes, I'm going to say it...
this release should make any Lush fan smile.

Sunday, February 11

Miki Alert! Guest Vocalist on Upcoming Release

"Miki Berenyi, former singer/songwriter from the band LUSH has agreed to join forces with Seinking Ships. Miki will be Seinking Ship's guest vocalist on a few select tracks of our upcoming full-length LP. Recording sessions in London are to commence in the spring of this year, 2007. More details pending... "

500: Live at T In The Park, July 13 '96

Good stuff from Youtube! Live video from Lush's T in the Park concert in Scotland, July 13 1996.

Ladykillers: Live at T In The Park, July 13 '96

Some more exciting stuff recently uploaded to YouTube - Lush playing Ladykillers live at T in the Park, July 13, 1996 at Kinross, Scotland.

The Transmission Interview

Saturday, February 10

Single Girl Video

New stuff on YouTube - the official music video for 'Single Girl'

Chris Played Drums, and How He Played!

I haven't found any definitive information for Chris's equipment other than that it was obviously Yamaha. Drummers just don't get enough respect!

What is known that he played it skillfully, and hard, drawing on his early garage/punk experience. He was the driving force and power that kept the music from ever being accused of being too lightweight or fluffy.

I also believe that I read that at least one of his kits was passed on to a cousin who also played.

If I can learn more about Chris's drumkit(s) I'll update this entry with the information asap.

A bit of trivia: Between July and October 1991, while the band worked on their debut album, 'Spooky', producer Guthrie was taken with the idea of swamping the mix with swirling, phased guitars. Chris was also persuaded, perhaps against his better judgement, to forsake his normal drum-kit for a set of Simmons electronic pads, and to play to a click-track.

Thursday, February 8

Phil Has The Big Sound

Phil and his friendly Fender American Standard Series Precision Bass electric guitar
  Maple Fretboard, Black, 3-Ply W/B/W Pickguard
This series was a revolution for bassists when it first arrived in 1951, and delivers an electrified thick range of sound

Approx. 1996

I don't have any specifics of Phil's instrument other than it's the classic and famous electric bass of all time, and the best. I'm a bit biased since my own is the same make as well - blast away!

You may also notice that unlike many bassists, it appears that Phil prefers to strum with a guitar pick rather than pluck at the bass strings with his fingers.

You might also spy that Phil has used several Precisions judging from the finish on the body, including the one I most associate with him, the all-over black with a white pick board. Otherwise, it's all the same.

A  Fender P.B. similar to Phil's

Phil and his Bass in 1992

Monday, February 5

Emma Strums a '60s Gibson

Emma's vintage 1960's Gibson SG Standard, with Melody Maker neck... but where?

Why can't I locate one single photo of Emma with this guitar??

An example of a typical Gibson SG Standard

Emma Hefts a Strat

Emma weaving a symphonic superblast on her 1990's Fender Stratocaster American-built electric guitar.

The Standard Strat with classic styling that includes three single-coil pickups.

A Strat similar to Emma's
(except for the fret board)

Emma, Axe Heroine

Emma and her Fender Telecaster Thinline (natural) electric guitar, of the Classic 1972 reissue production series.

Known as the Tele this model has a semi-hollow ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, and two humbucking pickups, in a natural wood finish. The Thinline series Tele is not only lighter weight but has a sound all its own.

A Tele Thinline similar to Emma's

Sunday, February 4

Miki's ES-335/12 TDS

Miki and her Gibson ES-335 Sunburst, Block Neck
photos circa 1992

Okay, be warned, this definition is a technical one...
an ES-335/12 TDS = 12 strings,
T: Thin, D: Double (2 Pick Ups), S: Sunburst.

Found a 'new' image with the 335...

Miki + '65 Firebird = Hotroddin'

Miki's Gibson Firebird electric guitar
More specifically, a non-reverse 1965 vintage Gibson Firebird 1, for all you axologists out there. These guitars have a sound sweetly reminiscent of the 1960's

Miki Got Twelve-String - Rickenbacker 370/12

Miki and her Rickenbacker Model 370/12
12-string, Fireglo finish

Miki + 12-String Epiphone Riviera = Musical Bliss

Miki and her
Epiphone Riviera 12-String Electric Guitar
in axology, this would be a one-time 1993 run Epiphone Riviera XII made in Nashville
These models have a ringing sound, perfect for Lush's haunting melodies
(ed. note: Miki may be the only person in the world to have a Riviera 12 of this series)

Teamed-up with her Gibson Firebird, a Marshall 1960B Straight Cabinet (4x12), and five Boss pedal set-up (Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, Boss DS-1 Distortion, Boss GE-7 Equalizer, Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive) Miki can "create just about anything we do on records. Plus I just love all those cool bright colors!" - circa 1994

Thanks to guitargeek.com for the specifics!

Emma's Setup

Here's a diagramatic (there's that word again) for Emma's stage setup, also based upon her interview with GuitarGeek.com. This was the equipment she would have been using during the 1994 tour season. Pretty impressive toys, huh? :O

We'll dig further into the subject of Emma's assorted axes in another post...

Meanwhile, click on the thumbnail at left and have a better look.

Miki's Setup

A diagramatic (is that even a word?) for Miki's stage setup, based upon her interview with GuitarGeek.com. This was the equipment she used during the 1994 tour season.

By 1996 her lineup of guitars seemed to have expanded. But we've went over that subject in other posts ;P

Click on the thumbnail at left, because you'll ruin your eyesight trying to read it at this resolution.