Thursday, February 8

Phil Has The Big Sound

Phil and his friendly Fender American Standard Series Precision Bass electric guitar
  Maple Fretboard, Black, 3-Ply W/B/W Pickguard
This series was a revolution for bassists when it first arrived in 1951, and delivers an electrified thick range of sound

Approx. 1996

I don't have any specifics of Phil's instrument other than it's the classic and famous electric bass of all time, and the best. I'm a bit biased since my own is the same make as well - blast away!

You may also notice that unlike many bassists, it appears that Phil prefers to strum with a guitar pick rather than pluck at the bass strings with his fingers.

You might also spy that Phil has used several Precisions judging from the finish on the body, including the one I most associate with him, the all-over black with a white pick board. Otherwise, it's all the same.

A  Fender P.B. similar to Phil's

Phil and his Bass in 1992

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