Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year's from Phil, Miki & Emma

From Emma, Miki and Phil, and of course us here at LUSHapalooza
Happy New Year -

See you all in 2016!

Friday, December 25

Happy Christmas!

As LUSH would say:
Merry Christmas from us all. Lush into 2016!

Friday, December 4

LUSH Interview :: The Guardian

LUSH in The Guardian:

Lush reunited: ‘We were seen as a band who’d turn up to the opening of a packet of crisps’

Ethereal, angelic shoegazers or boozy scenesters? Seventeen years after they split up, Lush talk about their legacy – and why they have reformed

"Drinking red wine on a couch in a London hotel library for their first joint interview in 19 years, Lush are still excellent company. Berenyi, instantly recognisable even though her distinctive shocking-pink 90s hair is now ink-black, gets told off for vaping indoors. Co-frontman Emma Anderson wages a war of nerves with a passive-aggressive desk clerk who keeps silently opening the library door. Silver-haired bassist Phil King regularly interjects with wry, elegant anecdotes, like an indie Peter Ustinov."

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