Monday, July 25

Rockband Remix of De•Luxe

Afternoon All! It's been a very busy summer here, so new updates are slow and sparse in coming (my apologies for that!).

There is something I would like to pass along now however, in the form of a very interesting mp3 link posted by Tom Aresto a few weeks ago on the PurpleVeinsScenicGreens group. It is a remix of Lush's 'De•Luxe' minus the drum track.

At first I had my doubts... I mean, NO Chris and NO drums?? After a listen though, I think I've converted over to the opinion that it's a great new alternate version of one of the band's best releases for ravenous fans always starved for fresh Lush recordings.

Here's a direct link to the file: Lush - DeLuxe (Rockband remix)

Tom explains that he came across the recording on a site called mp3skip, taken from the video game Rock Band 2.

Thank you again Tom for sharing your great find!

Monday, July 18

July '91 BNM On the Street

Lush are interviewed by Karl the korrespondent at BNM and reveal their answer for the following pertinent question:

Q: If you were each on a desert island, and had only one album to bring with you,
which one would it be?

Emma: An inflatable one.

AND, have their music compared with a Tommy-era, Who influence...

Emma: What?!?
Chris: Hmmmmmm...

See it Here, Live, Now! - July 1991 BNM @ Lush Remembered