Monday, July 25

Rockband Remix of De•Luxe

Afternoon All! It's been a very busy summer here, so new updates are slow and sparse in coming (my apologies for that!).

There is something I would like to pass along now however, in the form of a very interesting mp3 link posted by Tom Aresto a few weeks ago on the PurpleVeinsScenicGreens group. It is a remix of Lush's 'De•Luxe' minus the drum track.

At first I had my doubts... I mean, NO Chris and NO drums?? After a listen though, I think I've converted over to the opinion that it's a great new alternate version of one of the band's best releases for ravenous fans always starved for fresh Lush recordings.

Here's a direct link to the file: Lush - DeLuxe (Rockband remix)

Tom explains that he came across the recording on a site called mp3skip, taken from the video game Rock Band 2.

Thank you again Tom for sharing your great find!


  1. Hello to whoever runs this wonderful blog! I don’t see any way to contact you directly so I’m posting this public message.

    I have a Lush tribute website myself, and it’s great to see this new blog which is being actively maintained. I make it a point to visit often and I enjoy reading about the events which occurred on that day back in the Lush years. It’s almost as if they’re still together! And the various CD covers you’ve done for demos/rarities are fantastic.

    I also want to thank you for linking to my own Lush website repeatedly throughout your blog, I appreciate it. I’ve added a link to this blog at the top of my own Links page.

    I would very much like to hear back from you (I have some questions for you) and you’re welcome to email me directly through the Contact page on my own website.


    Bill S.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words Bill. Your "Light From a Dead Star" site is more than I would have dared hope for as a fitting tribute to Lush. I know from personal experience that you've dedicated a monumental amount of time and expense to make it the best.

    ps. I'll contact you off the blog ;)