Friday, July 16

Congrats Emma — You're a Mum!!

Emma has become a Mum – Congratulations Emma!!!
Baby Iris Anna Ellery Sharp is born 22nd Jan 2010

– Thanks to Jen over at Purpleveinsscenicgreens for the heads up!

Wednesday, July 7

Lush Perform on the "Up the Junction" Broadcast '92

The high-res quality of this video is beautiful! But embedding of this footage has been disabled by the poster of this clip, so follow YouTube here: to see the two song movie of this performance.

As stated by the author: This is Lush on a programme called Up The Junction (broadcast in the first week of February 1992, recorded in November 1991), The Junction being the venus for the show in Cambridge.

Lush perform For Love 0:03 which was their current single from their new album Spooky plus the brilliant Sweetness And Light 3:19.

Monday, July 5

The Original Fiat 500

Check the plates...

Yep, seen at a recent auto show she's the very same 500 used by Lush on the covers of Topolino, 500 (Shake Baby Shake) discs 1 and 2, and version 1 of the video as well.

Fiat 500 & Matching Trailer, originally uploaded by Sumlin.

Sunday, July 4

The Sound of Indie & Lush

Great site? This is an absolute treasure horde of over a dozen very rare live recordings and video (whole sets!) spanning 1988-1996 posted by Kevin of The Sound of Indie... Thanks Kevin! One recording is thought to be from Lush's second show ever, with Meriel Barham at lead vocals. The recording quality is very listenable, all in all, this trove is just about too good to be true. It's like Christmas in July...

The Sound Of Indie / Lush

Have a look, stay a while and a listen long - Enjoy ;)

Lush (audio) earliest known live recording
Unknown Live Recording

Lush (audio) thought to be 2nd show ever
London, UK

Lush – Breeze (video)
Royal Holloway College
Egham, UK

Lush – Thoughtforms (video)
The Venue
New Cross, London, UK

Lush (audio)
The Palace
Hollywood, CA

Lush (audio)
San Francisco, CA

Lush – Sweetness And Light (video)
Water Place Park
Providence, RI

Lush (audio)
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Lush (audio)
The Whiskey
West Hollywood, CA

Lush (audio)
Boston, MA

Lush (audio)
First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Lush (audio)
WXPN Radio
World Cafe
Philadelphia, PA