Saturday, December 16

Print Your Own CD Sleeve - Enjoy!

And a Happy - if somewhat early - Christmas!

Last year I made up a sleeve for one of my own mixes of Lush music. It turned out none too shabby if I do say so myself ;) I want to share this piece as a printable CD sleeve for your own mixes (only asking that it is never to be used for commercial purposes).

Friday, December 8

LUSHous Fan Site and "Shout It Out Soft"

LUSHous Fan Site -
A simply Lushous place to hang out

A little fansite at Yahoo groups which is no longer active.... such a shame :/

There's a few photos held there, for those who care to have a look.

I especially like this mag scan of Miki at the Lollapalooza music festival holding the now-famous KISS-ified Lush album art done by a devoted fan - "Shout It Out Soft" - and Miki striking a Gene Simmons pose... well, her tongue does anyway ;P