Saturday, February 19

Lush: The John Peel Sessions 1990

It takes a little patience to track down anything regarding Lush on the Peel Sessions. To be honest, I still haven't uncovered what I've really been after, the complete works. Do know that the date for the recording was February 19, 1990 and broadcast broadcast March 22 1990, which included "Hey Hey Helen, "Leaves Me Cold" and "Breeze."

There may have been another Peel recording made later on, or maybe not – one which included "Blackout" (from Split in 1994) which which has been mislabled as being of the '90 session... or maybe this has been incorrectly associated with Peel all together... See why my head is starting to churn from sorting this out?

Such a shame these were never released together as an EP (though one song, "Breeze" I think, is included on one of the many Peel Sessions compilations - "The New Season" is one containing 20 British bands). No doubt such an offering would have been in every Lush fan's arsenal if it had.

However, I do have a few free downloadables below to share; three vids through youTube, the others are mp3s of "Hey Hey Helen, "Leaves Me Cold" and "Breeze", which are slightly cut off, obviously recorded off a broadcast. These are simply lurvely renditions of the three songs recorded as only the late great John Peel could do. Not at all like "remixes" of the album versions, but still totally Lush sounding. Full guitars thrumming, yet they're still etheriel, a bit more like the band would naturally sound live with maybe a little hint of dare I say a 'darker' feel as with "Leaves Me Cold." And both "Breeze" and "Hey Hey Helen" are arguable as good as the original studio versions.

Sure would love to have heard the whole segment in it's entirety, though.

'Breeze' on Peel

'Blackout' on Peel, would this have been from a later session from the three recorded in March 1990?

All three recordings from the 1990 Session, if you don't mind the funky "home-grown" graphics *smirk*

And finally . . .
Lush: The Peel Sessions, Feb 19 1990 @

1 Hey Hey Helen
2 Leaves Me Cold
3 Breeze

I wouldn't share this link if these songs were official releases. To the best of my knowledge they are not (unfortunately). With that said, I will not post any full studio song much less full-length album for free distribution, this is NOT the way to promote your all-time fave band... it's just not Proper!

So... don't let me catch you doing it :P

I found a few extra details and a correction to add concerning the tracks and dates.

Lush - Peel Session, in 1991 (Feb. 1990 is likely the correct date)
recorded Breeze, Hey Hey Helen and Leaves Me Cold

There are some recordings currently in circulation online which are incorrectly attributed as being from another Peel Session in 1993 (Blackout, Childcatcher, Kiss Chase and Lit Up). Lush only had one Peel Session. These other tracks were not recorded for John Peel, but were live recordings for The Evening Session with Steve Lamaq and Jo Whiley in June 1994.


  1. Lush - Peel Session #2, in 1993 - recorded Blackout, Childcatcher, Kiss Chase and Lit Up

    Incorrect. These tracks were not recorded for the John Peel show. They were recorded live in June 1994 for The Evening Session with Steve Lamaq and Jo Whiley. The day they recorded them, they also performed 'Blackout' live on air, then the session was broadcast the following week or two later. They only ever did one Peel Session.

  2. Thank You for the correction Tom! I will make the change.

  3. Breeze was released on "Peel Sessions - New Season" in much higher fidelity. The '90 session that commonly circulates is low-gen, muffled and at the wrong speed.

  4. Also, Lush was 23Jan90