Friday, February 18

Miki's "We Will Drink Wine" on Private Practice

Okay, okay... I know that this isn't going to be a big deal to most, but I always get a twinge of a WTG smirk when my kind of music can bubble its way up to the surface of commercially acceptable *koffkoff* pop-culture. The very first time I saw the Volkswagon commercial using Lush for their background music I hit the roof ;P

Anyway... I got this tip from the Seinking Ships Facebook page:
"ABC has a hit show called PRIVATE PRACTICE. I (we) have a song "We Will Drink Wine" from the Seinking Ships record that is going to be in the episode that airs tonight (last night). Miki from LUSH as guest vocalist. Check local listings."
This clip goes right to the track.

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