Friday, December 31

New Lush Distort Poster

Just what you wanted but didn't get for Christmas, a brand new piece of Lush fan art from me to frame over the mantlepiece. It's Chris, Steve, Emma and Miki featured in a classic band poster design to commemorate the band as they were twenty years ago. It's also sized to fit just right for printing on a sheet of legal-size paper, or, if you're feeling really ambitious, to wallpaper your bedroom with. But remember my rules for downloading one of my unique one-of-a-kind works - absolutely no distribution of this for any type of financial compensation whatsoever! Now hurry and purchase that new toner cartridge so that you can print your copy out in all it's glory... God Bless and Happy New Year!

Celebrate This Eve - Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Chris, Emma, Miki and Steve
LUSH - Twenty Years Ago

Saturday, December 25

Sunday, November 21

New Poster

This year we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of Mad Love. And in artistic tribute, here is a new Lush poster brought to you straight from me! The image file is big to make it printable for larger sizes, but you can resize it as needed of course. I used colors reminiscent of their first video "De-Luxe" which is the first track from their ep Mad Love. The original black and white photo of the band was dated October of 1990. The poster art turned out a little different from what I had originally in mind, but I think it worked nicely.

Thursday, November 4

Lush's First North American Tour

Twenty years ago Lush embarks on their first overseas tour, three weeks of spanning half the globe. The tour begins with Canada on the 4th of November, hits both coasts of the US and then wrapps up in Japan on 15th of December.

While on tour overseas, the new compilation Gala LP, a collection of all Lush recordings that was initially released for the US and Japanese market, is made available for a limited edition run back home in the UK.

You may want to put on your shades for viewing this colorful commemorative tour poster , a new downloadable I created just for the occasion. ;P

11.24 Toronto
11.26 Boston
11.28 Hoboken
11.29 New York
12.01 Washington D.C.
12.03 San Francisco
12.06 Los Angeles
12.08 Hollywood
12.11 Tokyo
12.12 Tokyo
12.14 Osaka
12.15 Nagoya


Sunday, October 10

Miki Interview w/ Dave Kendall

Less Ride, More Miki! (nothing personal Mark)...

This vid is really a Ride segment, with Miki hanging in the background. Unfortunately there is no 2nd part provided to this interview, this time with Miki :/

Dave Kendall hosted '120 Minutes' on MTV back before it was turned into another promotional tool of the major record labels, loosely disguised as alternative music. Rumor was that Kendall left when the format was changed.

Wednesday, September 8

Final TV Appearance - San Francisco - Sep 8, 1996

Today's my birthday. Being a Lush fan, I can't help but think of this September 8 gig, the band's final televised appearance, which recently has been uploaded to YouTube by Bill of Lush Remembered....

This is Lush's very last TV appearance, with a brief interview and a performance of Ladykillers and 500 (Shake Baby Shake). It was recorded the day after their show at the Fillmore.

Thursday, September 2

New Interview with Emma

Emma Anderson
of Lush and Sing-Sing
@ when the sun hits

Emma talks a little of Lush, Sing-Sing and a bit about what she's been getting on to, being mum to new baby.

Saturday, August 28

New Lush Vid at 'Sound of Indie'

Lush - Ladykillers (Live Video) Hotel Babylon, 1994 @ Sound of Indie

According to Kevin of The Sound of Indie, this came from a television program called "Hotel Babylon” a BBC drama which ran from 2004-2009.

Friday, July 16

Congrats Emma — You're a Mum!!

Emma has become a Mum – Congratulations Emma!!!
Baby Iris Anna Ellery Sharp is born 22nd Jan 2010

– Thanks to Jen over at Purpleveinsscenicgreens for the heads up!

Wednesday, July 7

Lush Perform on the "Up the Junction" Broadcast '92

The high-res quality of this video is beautiful! But embedding of this footage has been disabled by the poster of this clip, so follow YouTube here: to see the two song movie of this performance.

As stated by the author: This is Lush on a programme called Up The Junction (broadcast in the first week of February 1992, recorded in November 1991), The Junction being the venus for the show in Cambridge.

Lush perform For Love 0:03 which was their current single from their new album Spooky plus the brilliant Sweetness And Light 3:19.

Monday, July 5

The Original Fiat 500

Check the plates...

Yep, seen at a recent auto show she's the very same 500 used by Lush on the covers of Topolino, 500 (Shake Baby Shake) discs 1 and 2, and version 1 of the video as well.

Fiat 500 & Matching Trailer, originally uploaded by Sumlin.

Sunday, July 4

The Sound of Indie & Lush

Great site? This is an absolute treasure horde of over a dozen very rare live recordings and video (whole sets!) spanning 1988-1996 posted by Kevin of The Sound of Indie... Thanks Kevin! One recording is thought to be from Lush's second show ever, with Meriel Barham at lead vocals. The recording quality is very listenable, all in all, this trove is just about too good to be true. It's like Christmas in July...

The Sound Of Indie / Lush

Have a look, stay a while and a listen long - Enjoy ;)

Lush (audio) earliest known live recording
Unknown Live Recording

Lush (audio) thought to be 2nd show ever
London, UK

Lush – Breeze (video)
Royal Holloway College
Egham, UK

Lush – Thoughtforms (video)
The Venue
New Cross, London, UK

Lush (audio)
The Palace
Hollywood, CA

Lush (audio)
San Francisco, CA

Lush – Sweetness And Light (video)
Water Place Park
Providence, RI

Lush (audio)
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Lush (audio)
The Whiskey
West Hollywood, CA

Lush (audio)
Boston, MA

Lush (audio)
First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Lush (audio)
WXPN Radio
World Cafe
Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday, June 22

Glastonbury - June 22 1990

June 22, 1990; its Lush playing at the Glastonbury Music Festival in Pilton, UK.
Looks like a nice turnout. The opening day's lineup included the Pale Saints, Happy Mondays, Circus Archaos, and Adamski.

img151, originally uploaded by slint4587.

Lush - Pyramid Stage. You can spot Miki's hair a mile off....

update: has some material from the Festival, including this poster...

Thursday, June 10

Happy Birthday Emma!

Who's got a birthday on this very day?

It's Emma!

Happy Birthday greeting to Emma, today is her day!

Wednesday, June 9

Miki & the Seinking Ships Album is Out!

Miki fans have something to smile about today!

After 15 years Miki is back singing lead vocals with the long promised debut of the Seinking Ships album 'Museum Quality Capture.' Three songs, You Didn't Love Me, We Will Drink Wine, and Digging His Own Hole are the only ones on the album with lyrics. American band Seinking Ships is made up of Eric Matthews and Christopher Seink who are primarally instrumentalists. Being a Lush admirer, Seink put out the call hoping that Miki would answer, and indeed she did! Up until then the recordings were strictly instrumental, so Matthews penned the lyrics with Miki in mind. Miki then recorded the vocals in London. The album is now available on S-Curve Records.

You can also preview and order the CD at Amazon . One track with Miki is available as a free download:

What an excellent job she did, too ;) Miki has expressed that her voice is not what it used to be, but her singing talents sound just as brilliant to me now as though it were 15 years ago.

Thanks Miki for taking some time from your family (I can definitely relate!) to plunge back into the hectic recording business, and wish you continued happiness...

Monday, June 7

Lushapalooza! on

Yet another way to spread your Lush-love to the masses. A streaming audio online player which can be posted just about anywhere. The main drawback is that you're rather limited on your track choices to add; ie: no Sing-Sing available... booo!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Sunday, May 16

"Lush-Mad Love-Twenty Years On!" on VPME

Lush-Mad Love-Twenty Years On ! « The VPME
Ever felt unappreciated, resigned to the fact that no matter what you do certain people will always be waiting to pour scorn upon your head? This was certainly how lead singer Miki Berenyi appeared ...

Thursday, April 29

Phil Turns 50!

Where has the time gone? It doesn't seem possible does it?
But yes, it's true... Philip King turns 50 today!
It's his Birthday, April the 29th.

Happy Birthday Phil!

Saturday, April 3

All That Useless Beauty: 20th Anniversary of Mad Love

All That Useless Beauty: 20th Anniversary of Mad Love @ the Quietus

Graham Bendel writes a love letter to 90s shoegazers Lush, and in the process wonders if they were better, in fact, than My Bloody Valentine…

Praised by their peers. Scorned by the press. One writer's argument to set the record straight. Lush gets a bit of very critical recognition, long in the coming – point, by point, by convicting point.

Read it. You will feel vindicated.

Monday, March 22

Miki in the March 2010 Spin Mag

Paraphrased from the March 2010 Spin magazine

Miki Berenyi, now a mother of two works as copy editor for Web User magazine.

After the loss of drummer Chris, there seemed to be no point in continuing Lush, and it wouldn't have been as much fun. When the band ended, it took all her confidence away. She no longer felt comfortable, too vulnerable to give music her all. She just didn't want to do that anymore.

Her job now is not as exciting as it was being with the band, but she doesn't have the strain of mean-spirited criticism that came with it.

Extra note from me:
Lush were always self-deprecating, so one ought to keep that in mind when reading Miki's comments from Spin. For the band, never ones to take themselves too seriously, it was about the enjoyment of creating music. Much (specifically the big business end of the recording industry and all that entails) was relentlessly piled upon the their shoulders, which was beginning to feed on the lifeblood of the band. Logically you may point a finger at the industry for fueling the stresses that took their ultimate toll on Chris. And of course Chris's loss shattered the wonderful chemistry which made up Lush.

With that said, Miki has stated that she has no regrets, and is happy for her time in the band. The period of the breakup was an opportunity to move on and start a new life for herself, one a little less under the limelight. She is definitely not a victim, she's a survivor. Miki's found a way that works best for her. For that we can all be happy for her.

Saturday, March 20

Phil's Apple Boutique - 'Love Resistence' Reissued!

Here's the pre-Lush Phil fronting his own band, Apple Boutique, complete with official video!

Found this on Creation Records -

The rather fantastic Vollwert-Records label continues its series of very limited early Creation releases with the re-pressing of Apple Boutique’s 1987 single ‘Love Resistance’. For those of you who don’t remember Apple Boutique, they were fronted by Phil King who later played bass in Felt/Lush/Jesus & Mary Chain.

Each single is released as a 3″ cd and is limited to 59 copies only!

To order your copy click here

Thursday, March 18

Happy Birthday Miki!

Today, on March 18th, Miki Berenyi turns 43 years old. We hope she has a splendid one with family and friends.

Happy Birthday Miki!

Sunday, March 7

Emma and the Rover Girls

Can you guess who this is?

Back in 1986 she's playing bass guitar in her first band.

It's our very own beloved Emma — Seen in her pre-Lush days playing with the Rover Girls!

The Rover Girls are playing at the Clarendon Hammersmith in 1986. Seen here, Emma was just nineteen, in her first band and gaining the experience that would proprel her on to writing her own music... and much grander things.

I could only dream of playing gigs and writing songs with my own bass back in '86 :P Thankfully Emma had the nerve to act on her own dreams!

Friday, February 26

A Mad Love for 20 Years

Twenty years ago today, Lush came into its own through the release of a four track EP titled "Mad Love."
Released 26 February, 1990, 4AD, UK
Recorded at September Sound and The Church, London, December 1989.

De-Luxe 3:26
Written By - E. Anderson
Leaves Me Cold 2:55
Written By - M. Berenyi
Downer 2:39
Written By - E. Anderson
Thoughtforms 2:43
Written By - E. Anderson

Bass - Steve Rippon
Drums - Chris Acland
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Emma Anderson
Guitar, Vocals - Miki Berenyi

Producer, Engineer - Robin Guthrie
Engineer - Lincoln Fong
Art Direction, Design - Vaughan Oliver
Art Direction, Design [Assistance]
- Chris Bigg
Photography - Jim Friedman

Wednesday, February 24

The Body Paint Poster - February 24, 1990

The February 24th, 1990 edition of the NME treats us with the once-infamous, now famous Gigglers With Attitude fold-out poster, featuring all four members attired in body paint that spells out the name "LUSH".

Thursday, January 28

The Lillies

The Lillies
An indie rock band formed in 1991 as a one-time collaboration between members of the bands Cocteau Twins, Lush and Moose.

And here's what the the Lillies were about - a recording with the very memorable little title:

And David Seaman Won't Be Very Happy About That"

Although originally from the Lake District, Chris was a keen Tottenham Hotspurs football fan. Miki was a huge fan as well, and the Lillies' 3-1 trouncing of local rivals Arsenal in the 1991 FA Cup semi-finals was an occasioned to be celebrated. So how do musicians best express their praise of such a victory? They co-create a specially recorded track aptly and humorously entitled 'And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That', and have it pressed-up on a flexidisc to be glued to issue 24 of 'The Spur', a football fanzine. The sound bites used throughout the song deal with a goal Gary Lineker scored for the Spurs against Arsenal.

Joining forces with Kevin McKillop and Russell Yates of Moose and the Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins they became the Lillies - effectively a super-indie rock band. And Simon wrote the song. The lyrics? "Three-one, three-one, three-one!" Miki's sole lyrics, vocalized all the way through.

The track was recorded at the suggestion of The Spur’s editor Stuart Mutler. After rejecting suggestions that they should record a cover version of an old football song, such as "Nice One Cyril", they decided to come up with an original song.

Yates said of the track: “…we’ve all been Spurs fans for years, and for myself making this flexi has probably made me more proud than making any Moose record”

The Lillies
"And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That..."
Release : September, 1991
Flexidisc insert, The Spur #24

Wednesday, January 27

Live 1990 in Surloire, France from 'Sparky The High Voltage Wire'

From the 7" Sparky The High Voltage Wire. Live at St. Sebastian 2/1/1990 in Surloire, France.

Saturday, January 9