Wednesday, June 9

Miki & the Seinking Ships Album is Out!

Miki fans have something to smile about today!

After 15 years Miki is back singing lead vocals with the long promised debut of the Seinking Ships album 'Museum Quality Capture.' Three songs, You Didn't Love Me, We Will Drink Wine, and Digging His Own Hole are the only ones on the album with lyrics. American band Seinking Ships is made up of Eric Matthews and Christopher Seink who are primarally instrumentalists. Being a Lush admirer, Seink put out the call hoping that Miki would answer, and indeed she did! Up until then the recordings were strictly instrumental, so Matthews penned the lyrics with Miki in mind. Miki then recorded the vocals in London. The album is now available on S-Curve Records.

You can also preview and order the CD at Amazon . One track with Miki is available as a free download:

What an excellent job she did, too ;) Miki has expressed that her voice is not what it used to be, but her singing talents sound just as brilliant to me now as though it were 15 years ago.

Thanks Miki for taking some time from your family (I can definitely relate!) to plunge back into the hectic recording business, and wish you continued happiness...

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