Monday, September 19

Bucketlist Item Check - Seeing LUSH Live! :: The Vic Theatre, Chicago :: September 18, 2016

A few of the images I captured from the Lush gig at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, September 18, 2016.

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Sunday, August 14

Friday, June 10

Happy Birthday Emma!

Look who has a birthday today? Were all wishing you a great one Emma!! 🎉🎂🎉

Friday, May 6

Lush Fan Meet-Up :: May 7

Don't forget - the meet-up is tomorrow!

Live LUSH at The Roundhouse Today

Getting caught up with all the photos from the Roundhouse gig today 🎸

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Lush at The Roundhouse

The atmosphere here must have been pretty amazing.

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Lush at The Roundhouse

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Lush - Lovelife (live at the Roundhouse)

Lush - Kiss Chase (live at the Roundhouse)

Lush - Breeze (live at the Roundhouse)

Afternoon Rehearsal

An afternoon's rehearsal for The Roundhouse shows.

Shared today by the band -

Thursday, April 28

Happy Birthday Phil!

Look who's birthday it is - hope you've had a Happy one Phil!

Saturday, April 23

Lush :: DeLuxe @ Coachella on Periscope

LUSH opening song Coachella weekend 2

"Lush - Coachella 2016: 25 Must-See Acts" by Rolling Stone

In Rolling Stone
After a 20-year break, this British band, who gained a devoted following thanks to the crafty way they added a dash of cheekiness to shoegaze's

Lush Plays Coachella Today!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

4:35PM - 5:25PM PDT @ Gobi

Lush :: Ladykillers :: the Rio Theater, Vancouver

Lush :: Ladykillers :: Vancouver

Lush Sweetness

Lush :: Rio Theater, Vancouver

Friday, April 22

And More Fan Photos

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A photo posted by John Claude Esh (@le_lapin_noir) on

A photo posted by John Claude Esh (@le_lapin_noir) on

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Lush By The Fans

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Miki & New Friends

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Lush :: Sweetness and Light :: Showbox Market, Seattle :: April 20,...

Wednesday, April 20

Lush Plays Seattle Tonight!

At long long last! Lush plays the first show of the tour at 10pm local time tonight.  Thanks to Phil King for sharing his photos.

Tuesday, April 19

LUSH's American Tour is Back On Schedule!

Wonderful news from the band today! Finally, the visa problem is cleared up, and the rest of their schedule is a go for a great summer of gigs.

"Great news (at last). We can confirm that all our visa issues have now been resolved and we look forward to playing in Seattle at Showbox Presents tomorrow (20th April). Massive apologies again to the people of Portland, whose gig, we can now tell you, has been rescheduled to September 27th (all tickets already purchased will be honoured and refunds are available at the point of purchase). Furthermore, for those of you in Vancouver, we’ve moved the venue to the lovely surroundings of the The Rio Theatre,1660 East Broadway, Vancouver V5N 1W1. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday (21st April)." - LUSH

Their revised tour dates are as follows:

Monday, April 18

Miki :: No Regrets

"Even now," says Miki, "it won't be at all easy knowing Chris won't be there. We know you can't recapture what you had before, but hopefully it will be brilliant in a different way. If I think of all best bits of the band, how great it is to play live, and to play your own songs, then there's an open door you can walk through. I know I'll regret it if I didn't."

Sunday, April 17

Lush… The Sequel @ gibbsgubbins

From a true fan's perspective.
Hello there readers who have probably long since forgotten this blog exists. A long time ago, I shared a post on my original blog site (long since gone) about my favourite band, Lush. It’s on…

Saturday, April 16

Lush :: Thoughtforms Debuts

Lush: Thoughtforms - what a beautifully made tribute mag! As if receiving my copy of 'Blind Spot' and the debut of Lush playing their first live gig in 20 years wasn't enough, this also made it's way to my mailbox. I've been looking forward to this and it lives up to the expectations. The hard work put into this shines...Thank you!

The new group photo... Love this band.

Happy 'Origami' Release Day!

Happy 'Origami' Release Day! Hopefully some of you were able to nab this rarity:…/rsd-2016/lush/

Thursday, April 14

'Blind Spot' :: Arriving at a Headset Near You

Blind Spot came in the mail!

From Oslo With Love :: Lush Performs 'Out of Control" Live

The videography isn't the best... but hey, this is Lush performing 'Out Of Control' live before an audience for the first time. Ever.

Plus, here's a whole YouTube playlist from the Oslo gig:

Wednesday, April 13

They're Coming to America

Lush is on their way, leaving London for Los Angeles today to officially kick off their 2016 tour.

Bringing the Show Across the Pond

Today from Lush's Twitter feed:

"Traveling to Los Angeles, California from Heathrow Terminal 5." - LUSH

Tuesday, April 12

Lush Plays Oslo :: The Guardian Review

After a 20-year break, Miki Berenyi and friends return fresh and inspired with new songs every bit as catchy and well crafted as their 90s hits

4AD Reveals New LUSH Site

4AD has just launched their own full-blown Lush site (not to be confused with the band's own site), detailing the bands history on the label, pre-2015 of course, beginning with a nice intro of where the band is today. There's even a mention of Emma stating that the next album(!) will be more rehearsed than 'Blindspot' is when it was recorded. All is told with the first person accounts of Miki, Emma and Phil, and additional details provided by former band mates Meriel Barnham and Steve Rippon and the very fitting tribute to Chris Acland and his importance to Lush are much appreciated.

The official website for independent record label 4AD.
The official website for independent record label 4AD.

Lush Plays Oslo :: Vanyaland Review

Lush Plays Oslo :: NME Review

Last night's gig featured in NME
Shoegaze band played London's Oslo venue on Monday night (April 11)

LUSH's Low Key Comeback :: Louder Than War Review

Lush : low key comeback gig : live review - Louder Than War:
Yet despite the vintage of 95% of the set this didn't feel like nostalgia, this was a reborn band that feels like it has new things to say.

“No red hair – get over it!”

And with that and perfect set opener ‘De Luxe’ Lush rebirthed before our very eyes and ears and 20 years vanished in a whirlwind of singing strings.