Sunday, March 18

Miki Turns 40 Today!

Happy Birthday Miki -
May it be Your Best One Ever!

Thursday, March 8

Flat7, Mitsuo Tate, Robin Guthrie & Miki too

flat7 is the recording artist name for Mitsuo Tate, formerly guitarist for the Cocteau Twins. His name might also be familiar to those who read the production notes inside Lush releases. Matsuo Tate was also the assistant engineer on Lush's Spooky lp. Lost in Blue is flat7's latest release, issued in 2005. Included among the tracks for Lost in Blue are two versions of a song...

it's titled "Smile"

flat7 - smile robin guthrie remix .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Out of everything to come out since the breakup of Lush, the song "Smile" perhaps comes the closest to recapturing the sound and the feeling that was uniquely their's. "Smile" is sweet and heart-rending all at the same time. The song's lyrics were penned by Miki as well as beautifully sung by her, with the instrumentation performed by Tate. The alternate version on the same album is a remix by none other than Robin Guthrie, Lush's producer and engineer from Mad Love to Spooky. Robin also adds his guitar and drums to the song, so we actually have a mini-Lush reunion happening with Smile.

And yes, I'm going to say it...
this release should make any Lush fan smile.