Thursday, November 4

Lush's First North American Tour

Twenty years ago Lush embarks on their first overseas tour, three weeks of spanning half the globe. The tour begins with Canada on the 4th of November, hits both coasts of the US and then wrapps up in Japan on 15th of December.

While on tour overseas, the new compilation Gala LP, a collection of all Lush recordings that was initially released for the US and Japanese market, is made available for a limited edition run back home in the UK.

You may want to put on your shades for viewing this colorful commemorative tour poster , a new downloadable I created just for the occasion. ;P

11.24 Toronto
11.26 Boston
11.28 Hoboken
11.29 New York
12.01 Washington D.C.
12.03 San Francisco
12.06 Los Angeles
12.08 Hollywood
12.11 Tokyo
12.12 Tokyo
12.14 Osaka
12.15 Nagoya


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