Wednesday, February 23

Lush - The North London Poly Years

The North Poly Years @

Lush - The North London Poly Years
by David Baker

A college mate of Miki and Chris, Dave Baker, has written a 46 page photo book about the early days of Lush. In addition to Dave's wonderful recollections, it includes photos from Lush's road trip in the student union van to their first gig outside London, along with an afternoon on Brighton beach before the show; Miki's handwritten lyrics and guitar tabs for a few songs; postcards from Miki and Chris on the road; flyers hand drawn by Miki; and much more.

What an absolutely wonderful little bio by Dave! Forget all the rubbish from the press. I really appreciate his recollections of what a lovely bunch Miki and Chris and all really were.

After you have a read, be sure to write webmaster Bill to thank both him and Dave... It's people like themselves who help keep the band alive in spirit for us all ;)

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