Thursday, August 18

Sweetness & Light' / Live At The Dome :: May 1991

There's something new to be seen on YouTube, thanks to JulosiMac who shared this video over at PVSG @

Finally we have the entire, full performance of 'Sweetness & Light' from Live At The Dome, May 1991 (the original broadcast came in 3/4 of the way through their song).

I'm just a bit shy of passing this along in time for a May anniversary date, but I'm sure you won't mind terribly ;)


  1. Hello it's me, JulosiMac member of the PVSG group, who posted this excerp of Lush live at the Dome.

  2. Hello, and Thanks JulosiMac! What an awesome clip of the band captured on video... I'll properly credit you for the great find!