Saturday, February 10

Chris Played Drums, and How He Played!

I haven't found any definitive information for Chris's equipment other than that it was obviously Yamaha. Drummers just don't get enough respect!

What is known that he played it skillfully, and hard, drawing on his early garage/punk experience. He was the driving force and power that kept the music from ever being accused of being too lightweight or fluffy.

I also believe that I read that at least one of his kits was passed on to a cousin who also played.

If I can learn more about Chris's drumkit(s) I'll update this entry with the information asap.

A bit of trivia: Between July and October 1991, while the band worked on their debut album, 'Spooky', producer Guthrie was taken with the idea of swamping the mix with swirling, phased guitars. Chris was also persuaded, perhaps against his better judgement, to forsake his normal drum-kit for a set of Simmons electronic pads, and to play to a click-track.

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