Wednesday, October 10

Miki's 'Under the Radar' Interview

Miki Berenyi / Under the Radar Interview
Miki Berenyi - Lush’s Former Singer Reminisces on Britpop Oct 01, 2007, Web Exclusive By Lorraine Carpenter

"We had a weird bar count in a couple of songs—the break in “Sweetness and Light” and the one in “Superblast!”—and it was my job to give Chris the nod when the drums had to kick in again. I’d turn away from the mic, look round at him, and he’d always pull some silly face or be laughing hysterically at something. It makes me feel bereft to think that those days—and that person—are gone."
"—in a funny way it reminded me of Emma’s songs. I know they’re completely different really, but there’s something in the weird harmonies and the slight jazziness—and [they’re] really bloody hard to sing!"
"I saw Sing-Sing a few times early on. To be honest, it was a little painful for me. I felt replaced!"
"...he’s been playing bass with The Jesus and Mary Chain! We went to see him a few weeks ago at the Brixton Academy. They were really excellent and I thought, “Oh look at Phil! He finally got his own mic!”"

Always got to love the unpretentiousness and honesty of Miki. There were too many good quotes from the interview... so run over there and have a read already.

Read it. Learn it. Believe it.

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