Friday, February 19

LUSH's New 'Out Of Control' Makes Its Debut!!

So much news for today, but first things first. The new single 'Out of Control' has gone public and its accompanying video is live on YouTube on Lush's new channel. It's yet unlisted so follow the above link.

Recorded last summer, the song is a long time coming, being 20 years since the last release 'Shake Baby, Shake'. And it's a straight up love song, a new direction for their music, reflecting developments in the members own personal lives. This song has been on autoplay to feed my binge listening over the past few hours since I first listened. The song and 3 more from the upcoming 'Blind Spot' EP will see its official release on April 15th.

The chills, the hair standing on end, the feeling I haven't experienced in 20 years - listening to a brand new release by Lush. I love this brand new song! Emma, Phil and Miki haven't missed a beat with the passing of time. Not one bit.

Brand new music by LUSH debuted today, people. Let that sink in.

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