Tuesday, February 2

Just Dropped! LUSH's First Newly Recorded EP in 20 Years - 'Blind Spot'

We kind of already knew this was coming. Look at what has just appeared all over the web...


Lush return with their first new set of songs since 1996! The band's four song EP, Blind Spot, features the lead track "Out Of Control" which has been described as "Lush on form and sounding like 20 years haven't passed." The EP was recorded last summer with producers Daniel Hunt (Ladytron) and Jim Abbiss. So far Blind Spot doesn't have an official North American release but it'll drop in the U.K. on April 15th. This year's Record Store Day takes place worldwide on April 16th, so it's quite likely Lush will be releasing a special edition of the EP (or perhaps a limited edition single) for RSD. View the tracklisting for Blind Spot below and pre-order the import (available on 10" or CD) here, here, or here.

Blind Spot EP tracklisting

1. Out Of Control

2. Lost Boy

3. Burnham Beeches

4. Rosebud

Curiously, there has been no official word from the band yet about the new recordings, much less the release of the new EP. Despite this, I myself wasted no time in preordering my own copy from Amazon UK. It's been 20 years since we've had anything new after all!

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