Monday, March 7

Lush/J&MC Lollapalooza '92

Time to get back to that list of bootlegs I'd started...

"Lollapalooza '92 - Lush/Jesus & Mary Chain" isn't quite a bootleg, it's an actual production quality cd, but neither is it an official Lush release either. For that reason it's grouped along with the usual bootlegs.

This cd was also offered as a three-disc set including Pearl Jam, Sound Garden?.... well, you get the general idea. This one's still a comparatively common find to obtain online.

As far as the recording goes, the note on the back of the jewel case sums it up: "We apologize for the fact that this recording is not up to the standards of other KTS recordings..."

I wouldn't consider this as being ranked among the best myself. The sound quality is good, but the comments of the crowd are often more clearly audible than what's coming from the stage. And some of it not exactly flattering. The band plays a clean, tight set though the majority of the audience were not there to see Lush, but for Pearl Jam which immediately followed after. They're aware that they're facing a hostile audience, which lingers over the performance (at least it seems like it does, compared to others I've heard). Remember, up to this time Lollapalooza was among the biggest events that Lush had played, it would have been both thrilling and terrifying at the same time to have been in the spot they were placed into.

With that said, there were much better performances from Lush during the Lollapalooza tour. These were obviously overlooked by KTS in its eagerness to only cash-in on the Pearl Jam-Jarheads band wagon.

Sorry! Did I let that slip-in? But I've never had any use whatsoever for pretentious musicians (and their followers) of any genre. Can you tell? :)

Recorded live in Miami, Florida August 22, 1992.
Produced by KTS, Italy, released 1992
18 tracks evenly split

1 Stray/Bitter
2 Nothing Natural
3 For Love
4 Superblast!
5 Covert/ De-Luxe
6 Downer
7 Sweetness and Light
8 New Song (*the unidentified track is 'Starlust')
9 Leaves Me Cold

- the remaining 9 tracks are of the Jesus & Mary Chain, which are not too shabby by the way.

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