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Lush / RRR 102.7FM Wednesday 23rd March

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Posted by: "RiSH Publicity - Brian McDonald"

Miki and Emma's "Formative 5" feature on The Golden Age of Piracy on RRR 102.7FM (Melbourne) will go to air this coming Wednesday 23rd March. It's on from 10PM to 12AM AEST (OZ) which is 11AM to 1PM if you're in the UK.
(According to the online timezone converter, it places the show at Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 6:00:00AM to 8:00AM CDT for my neck of the woods in the US.)

"As part of the 4AD roster, Lush captivated the entire world and have a sound that is one of the most recognisable of the 90's. Hinged around the twin guitar attack of Miki Berenyi & Emma Anderson and their intoxicating vocal harmonies, they became the poster girls of the UK indie scene, while at the same time releasing albums that have well and truly stood the test of time, such as 1992's Spooky. They broke up in 1998, and Miki has not given a single interview since 1996... that is until they spoke to Tristen from their respective homes in London to not only talk about their time in Lush but to take you through their Formative Five, the five songs that most inspired them. This will be a very special edition of the show, and certainly one not to miss." The Golden Age of Piracy

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