Tuesday, March 15

New Cross :: March 15, 1991

Twenty years ago...

Lush plays at The Venue, New Cross, London, along with Blur and Moose.

There was a bootleg video recording made of this gig. And through the miracle of internet technology, you can witness a video download courtesy of Kevin over at The Sound of Indie:

The Venue
Newcross, London, UK

1 Bitter
2 Breeze
3 Take
4 Scarlet
5 Ocean
6 Monochrome
7 Thoughtforms
8 Tiny Smiles
9 Downer
10 Covert
11 De-Luxe
12 Baby Talk
13 Etheriel
14 Sweetness And Light

And finally...
This review of the event by Andy Peart was published in the March 23 edition of an unknown publication:

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