Tuesday, March 1

Lush : Female Hybrid (demo)

I've finally, finally got a recording to post on YouTube (my movie editor and I have had issues). Not sure why the band image is placed off center, but I'm just happy to get anything up at this point.

This is one of the early Lush demos with Meriel Barham on lead vocals before she went on to join the Pale Saints.

This demo has also been shared under the title "Grotesque" (demo I) on a bootleg currently in circulation, including on YouTube. So being the little pita nit-picker that I am, I u/led the same song under the name used by the band - "Female Hybrid" is the commonly accepted Lush title.

I can proove it too :P

Steve, the founding bassist:
"I went down to an audition at this place behind the Holloway Road,' he continues. 'They (Lush) were possibly the worst group I'd ever seen in my life. It was an absolute cacophony. The songs were really simple and had titles like 'Female Hybrid', 'See-Saw' and 'He's A Bastard'. I thought, yeah, I can play bass to this."

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