Thursday, November 5

Looking For Set Lists!

The Lush Appreciation Society on Facebook, looking for set lists, and they need your help!

"We are looking for hand-written Lush concert set lists for submission for a project we are currently working on.

"Please send us a private message with your photos or scans (preferred) and with details of the show concerned (date, venue, country, etc).

"Signed or unsigned set lists are welcome.

"Please share this post with friends you know who may also have hand-written set lists from the band."

Many thanks for your help! Remember, submit lists at


The photo below is a set list taken from the band's performance at Luxor in Cologne, Germany on April 2nd 1990 where the band played with 4AD label-mates The Pale Saints and is taken from the fantastic, conprehensive Lush  fan site

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