Thursday, November 5

New 'Chorus' Comp is Now Available!

The new 'Chorus' compilation is up live and ready for preorders at the LUSH merch shop!

From LUSH:
"Here it is finally - the Lush box set 'Chorus' (out 4th December)!  We tried to fit as much on as we could but, having been blindingly prolific, we were unable to fit on every radio session, live track etc. so have cherry picked songs that we thought were the very best.  So, no 'He's a Bastard', I'm afraid. Enjoy!"

Coinciding with the news that the remaining members are to reunite in 2016, the complete Lush anthology fans have long been asking for is finally here. Spread over five CDs and housed in a beautiful hardbound book (designed by long-time associate Chris Bigg), Chorus consists of all three studio albums, both singles compilations and a wealth of previously unreleased radio sessions, demos, remixes and rarities.
Release date: 4th December 2015
US release date: 22nd January 2016

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