Saturday, November 7

First Look :: Double Red Vinyl 'Ciao!'

First look of that nice red vinyl ...


Ciao! Best Of Lush - CAD 2K22

The first time vinyl pressing of the band’s Best Of, Ciao! is being released on 27th November as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.This first run will be limited, on double red vinyl, and will be available from your local record store. 

A1. Ladykillers

A2. Single Girl

A3. Ciao!

A4. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)

A5. Light From A Dead Star

B1. Love At First Sight

B2. Hypocrite

B3. Desire Lines

B4. Lovelife

C1. When I Die

C2. Nothing Natural

C3. Untogether

C4. For Love

D1. Monochrome

D2. De-Luxe

D3. Sweetness and Light

D4. Thoughtforms

D5. Etheriel

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