Friday, April 25

The Lush Taxi

In 1994, to promote the release of of Lush's newest album Split, the record company obtained a car and transformed it into the "Lush taxi" after a visit to the paint shop. The idea was the band perhaps fictionally drove around for various public appearances in it. Plus the taxi made a spiffy photo prop as well :)

Emma: "Oh yeah, yeah, we've got a Lush taxi now!"
Tell us about the taxi.
Miki: "Well we're not paying for it, for a start. That's the major decision... A Big red thing with lemons on it, and casters on it.
In the style of the album cover?
Miki: "Yes, it's great. We went out in it yesterday, got picked up for free when we fancy it."
And you can have it for a year?
Emma: "Six months..."
Miki: "I think we only get it for beer, then whoever comes out next on 4AD will have the pleasure of owning it after that."

Another interviewer asks about the car...

Emma: "It's a Lush taxi. You know the cars around London, all over? Well we've got a Lush one...You'll see it around maybe. It's going to pick up, you know...Joe Public as well."
Miki: So if you see the Lush taxi, you know, get in, and pay your money, and the bloke who drives it is called Mike. So say Hello Mike!"
He doesn't talk about the weather and bringing back corporal punishment, does he?
Miki: "No, I think he likes Frank Black and Snuff. That's about all you'll listen to from him."

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