Friday, July 18

"De•Luxe" Featured on Rock Band 2

What's more surprising? The people behind the newest Rock Band video game have picked our very own Lush to be among one of the iconic artists on their next release...

No, that would have been an all too obvious shortcoming if Lush hadn't been included! What's more unexpected to me is that the nod was given to the dreamy-yet-driven 'De•Luxe' (my fave) over the popular appeal of 'Ladykillers' as a playable track in the new video games Rock Band 2 and Rock Band Unplugged.

If you check out some gamer reaction, the inclusion of Lush has been notably well received: "Rock Band" To Breed A Whole New Batch Of Riot Grrrls (Maybe)
And mind you, this is the original track, not some cheap attempt to cash-in with a cover version. What's really intriguing is the opportunity of exposer to a fresh audience. The majority of gamers who'll be playing Rock Band would have been too young to even remember Lush. Just think of the possibilities.

Its taken a decade for some recognition that has been long over-due. But good things will happen, all in due time... ;)

July 2009 update----------

'Sweetness and Light' is now available as a playable track for Rock Band 2, downloadable from the developer.

"Sweetness and Light" -
  • 21/07/2009
  • 45.45 MB

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