Monday, February 16

Lush on MySpace

I've been dragging behind the social network curve when it comes to MySpace, primarily because I prefer Facebook. Well, it's come time to rectify that.

Lush • MySpace fan page
This Lush page seems to be affiliated with 4AD, making it as close as anything currently out there that carries some kind of "official approval." 4AD was the indie record label which signed Lush and a host other artists who went on to achieve a great deal of recognition.

Miki Berenyi • MySpace fan page
created by the Von Pip Musical Express
This will be old news to some of you, but I want to help get the word out about a few fan created sites that you know you want to friend on social network MySpace. I've seen so many web sites have come and gone, but the Lush fan has so many my resources to put their creative tributes into after a decade on the web!

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