Thursday, September 24

The Natural Flamy Red Hair

In the early days, the natural flamy red hair wasn't always red. Can you just imagine our beloved Red-Headed One in a striking shade of green or blue? And Emma was no slouch about her tresses either. Emma dyed her hair three different colors in one day just because she didn't fancy it (at least that's how the story goes).

Now that's dedication.

Quoth Miki, about the fab famous flamy red hair...

Miki: "The hair-dye was by Directions and called Poppy Red."

Miki: "One particularly sweaty gig in Hoboken (Maxwell’s, was it?)—it must have been early on because Steve [Rippon] was still in the band. The venue was so stifling all the dye ran out of my hair all over my face and neck. I looked like I’d been hit over the head with an axe."

Miki: "They just want to see my naturally flamy hair, that all. You're all just jealous."
Emma: "No, they don't."
Miki: "No, No! of Course not. They're really, interested in lyrics and what Chris' choice of drum pedal is, I mean come ON! This band would be nowhere if it wasn't for my naturally flamy hair!"
Emma: "Next time we need to lay down a rhythm track we'll get your hair to do it eh?"

Quoth the rest...
In the January 28, 1989 issue of Melody Maker, Chris Roberts pens that "Miki has purple hair and sings like a cutlass."

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