Sunday, January 1

'For The People' Reunion Tour! (or, 'It's a happy little dream, BUT...')

May you and your's experience the best in this Merry New Year! I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by to have a look at the blog, and especially to those who have lent their support. I'm looking forward to celebrating some pretty big anniversaries that are coming up this year. Twenty years ago things were happening with Lush, BIG things, especially over here in the States... it should be fun!

And as my little bonus for the brand new year I'd like to unveil my latest poster creation, and possibly start some totally unsubstantiated rumours without basis in any fact whatsoever! "Why?" may you ask would I want to stir up the unmentionable r-word here? "Why?" when all former members of the band have repeatedly repeated that the chances of a reunion are about as likely as Avril Lavigne 'fessing up to her borrowing from the Lush cover of the Rubinoos song "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend". "Why?" Because, this coming summer is the 20th anniversary of Lush's Lollapalooza tour, that's why! What better time is there for any Lush fan to daydream about a reunion tour??

Any big backers with the financial resources out there to make this dream a reality? Now's your big chance! :)


  1. Sorry Jeffry, it wasn't my intent to mislead. But a guy can have a few dreams can't he?!