Sunday, March 2

Lush's First Nine : As a Five Piece

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the career Lush had as a Five Piece, after all, it was short-lived. But they did put on quite a few shows, learning how to play and laying down the framework to build upon.

So, without further to-do, here's the complete list of Lush's first nine gigs, all as a 5-piece band (or rather learning to be a band) with Meriel at lead vocals, Emma and Miki on guitars (w/ Miki doing backing vocals), Steve on bass and Chris at drums.

  1. Mar 06, 88 Camden, Falcon - first ever gig
  2. Mar 19, 88 Camden, Falcon
  3. Jun 04, 88 Fullham, Greyhound
  4. Jun 12, 88 Brixton, Canterbury Ams (Arms?)
  5. Jun 19, 88 Ealing, Collage of Higher Education
  6. Jun 22, 88 Finsbury Park, The George Robey
  7. Jun 25, 88 Hammersmith, The Clarendon
  8. ??? ??, 88 unknown gig
  9. Jul 22, 88 Camden, Falcon

Following this gig the band didn't perform again until October 9. It's most likely that at this time Meriel left for Pale Saints and Miki moved over to fill the position, and performing from now on as a four piece. Think of it as a system upgrade from from Lush 1.0 to Lush 2.0. The old Lush was done, a new one begun.

We do have their first demo recordings from that period, but how I wish one photo existed from those first nine!

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