Sunday, March 2

Fan Club Obscura

Been up to no good again, digging through the ancient historys and recordings of the legend of Lush. I've really been hoping to turn up with enough for a decent post, I guess. So what is my topic this time? It would be concerning the fan club. Yes, there was a Lush fan club back in the day, unbeknownst to me in my isolated little world on the other side of the world (why are such things kept so hush-hush?). I would have dearly loved to have gotten wind of it back then, let me tell you... I did count myself lucky just to live in a town which had several thriving indie label/import shops.

Anyhoos, Bill's Light from a Dead Star site – the Holy Grail of all Lush websites – has as much dirt on this secret society as one can hope to dig... here's a link: We Love Lush was a fan mailing from November 1993, created by the band while they were holed up in Norway while working on the mixing of the yet to be released Split album. Everybody's seen the cartoon of the band from the cover, but the contents are equally intriguing: a lengthy hand written note and lyrics of ALL the current songs. I Especially like Phil's carefully detailed Lush Family Tree – truley fabtabulous stuff!

This mailing also contained the now famous flexi-disk with the tracks "Rupert the Bear" and the "Lit Up" demo, plus a holiday postcard (All links take you directly to Bill's site).

Now, a real prize find of some Lush obscura would be an old copy of "Alphabet Soup," pre-Lush Emma's music fanzine :D

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