Tuesday, February 19

Lush "Ciao!" Live in S.F.

Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, California, September 7, 1996

I have the unofficial VHS video of this live performance, produced under the title "Complete Lush." Yes, I admit it, I actually own a bootleg of live Lush *gasp* I would glady, EAGERLY prefer to shell-out for any official video. Perhaps I'd even consider offering up an expendable arm and a leg *hint to the companies* But after all these years I'm beginning to lose hope that this will ever happen.

Anyway.... Here's the set list:
  1. Heavenly Nobodies
  2. Childcatcher
  3. Lit Up
  4. 500
  5. Single Girl
  6. Downer
  7. Kiss Chase
  8. Deluxe
  9. Light From A Dead Star
  10. Last Night
  11. Hypocrite
  12. Runaway
  13. For Love
  14. Ladykillers
  15. Ciao! (with Jarvis)
  16. Sweetness And Light

In the video there are some lively exchanges Miki has with the crowds, and a lovely bit in honor of Chris's birthday (the day before Your's Truely). Chris is surprised, all smiles and maybe a bit embarrassed by taking the spotlight.

Bittersweet really, in a month it would all be over...

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