Tuesday, April 12

Hello Hollywood!

Around the time Lush were enjoying the sunny California leg of their American tour back in 1991, the NME sent a journalist and photographer (Martyn Goodacre) to meet up with the band at their dressing room located at Sunset Boulevard. They're in the midst of meeting record execs and charming the local press. What follows is the article prepared from that occasion, published in the May 4th issue of NME.

The article is a large file, a 1-mb download. Inside you'll meet Lush's alter-ego - Thrush. They meet Sky Saxon of the Seeds (Miki shared a personal pic from this on Andy Von Pip's excellent interview). Miki reveals she used to visit California as a teen to see her mum. Also, of special noteworthiness (to me!), Miki recounts that their tour bus broke down somewhere in the deserted wilderness of Nebraska, only a couple 100 miles from my hometown. After repairs and the Lush caravan eventually leaves, its 3 hours later before its learned that someone was missing... what tour would be complete if your roadie doesn't get left behind?

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