Thursday, April 7

Phil's Philm from the '94 'Split' Tour

Lemons, a Fiat 'Topolino' 500, the swirly colors art photography of Jim Friedman — they're all vivid images that have come to be as symbolically associated with Lush as the three versions of the band logo, and the flamy red hair (well that's an icon that goes without saying). Even casters have been used... or perhaps that's taking it too far.

Funhouses also come into the mix though. Yes, with all the glitter of the carousel and ferris wheels and the funhouse mirrors, etc, etc. Which, in a very roundabout and very sneaky way brings me to the following...

If you're anything like me, you've visited Lush Remembered scores of times. Which means I should know the site like the back of my hand, right? Apparently I need glasses and get to know things better.

Today I was browsing for some inspiration for a poster I'd been designing, when I noticed this particular one. Bill has on his memorabilia page a flyer for Phil's tour film shown for Chris' Memorial (the direct link is here). The memorial event was held in honor of Chris, taking place on October 29, 2006, close to the 10th anniversary of his loss. Note a good date, but meant to remember the good times.

We're immensely indented for Phil's photographic hobbying. His viewfinder saw a backstage-life record of the band that so easily would have been lost forever (most all Lush imagery was strictly magazine shoots and promotional material). Some of Phil's film footage was also used in the Undertow Spooky Remix video. I love this Lush video just for that fact alone. The imagery strongly plays with the remix - unforgettable!

The photograph of the band (shown at top) used in the poster was published in a feature story for the June 4, 1994 edition of NME, "From Despair to Mayfair." The shot is of the band's reflection in a funhouse mirror, and I assume taken during the production of the Hypocrite music video. Notice Phil kneeled at the bottom aiming his famous Super 8 movie camera. Nice touch!

I'd always thought this funhouse mirror shot could have been made a memorable gig poster. It was a surprise to find this — I had to post about it as much for my own future reference as to share with others.

And now for a bit of fun. Or in this case, the Funhouse as seen in Hypocrite.

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