Thursday, April 28

Lush 'For the People' Pinback Downloadable CD Sleeve

Today was a creatively inspired day, so inspired that I forgot all about having dinner. Today I designed some new sleeves for my various Cd's. It makes it so much easier to identify what you hold in your hands at a glance, plus making up original album art is always fun (for me anyways). Here's a new one that materialized out of thin air for one of my collections of various Lush recordings, maybe it'd be perfect for something of yours too.

'For the People' sounds like a good title for a live album, doesn't it? I've had it stuck in my head from a long-ago Lush piece in one of the music mags called 'Automobile for the People'. It'd be a great slogan for a long-dreamed of reunion tour too (yes, I've already had a fictionalized tour poster in the works, it's still being tweaked though). And the image of the heavily worn vintage pinback button with the lemon graphic?... it doesn't really exist, at least it hasn't until now ;)

The art has been sized to fit a standard CD jewel case. As always, you're free to d/l and print this out for your own personal use, as long as you do not claim it or sell it as your own work. That would be dishonest... and Lushheads should never be that :P

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