Sunday, October 23

Manchester, UK :: October 23, 1991

Twenty short years ago...

Its LUSH at the UMIST in Manchester. And the opening act of Gallon Drunk repeats once again tonight.

Apologies are in order here for things becoming a rather bit monotonous for the moment - there are no gig photos, raving reviews, captivating and insightful articles or little-known backstage stories to discuss. Nor are there any shocking eyewitness accounts and no witty quotes that I'm aware of. No crowd-trampled poster, no crumpled ticket stub, no small vial of Chris's sweat collected at this time to liven our nightly gig anniversary post. Not even a claim from some lucky bloke who has never again washed their forearm after submitting it for autographing by both Miki and Emma some twenty years ago. How sad...

But if somehow I could obtain one or more such details referred to above, now would be the ideal time to share them! (hinthint)

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